Monday, December 29, 2008


Monday, December 29, 2008
Christmas was ok, I got some sweet stuff. Gift card for Claires, some SIMS2 expansion packs, and some makeup stuff. I got Hello Kitty stuff from Casy and Lindsay, and a HK Calender from my Mom.

New Years I;m going to Jesse's house - I finally get to go out!

Though tonight I'm going to see Twilight again with my sister & cousin, but that dosn't really count...

I've been sick with a damn head cold that won't go away now since Christmas... :(
I think it's starting to go away though... (I hope...)

I've basically been spending my days writing, doing school work or chatting online - pretty lame really

Oh and I might start making Sailor Moon AMV's again soon :D
Alot of people on youtube and other places online have been asking me to make some new ones so yea ~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Between Lovers

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
So I've finally gotten around to re-writing my Sailor Moon Fan-Fic "Between Lovers"

Take a look, tell me what you think.
I'm always open to critism~

Oh... and Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Samurai Attack!!

Friday, December 12, 2008
Ok so new little thing on the side!!

Its a Samurai, click him :P
He will chop up your mouse!! Haha

Do it over and over and he will do a special attack
The average is aboue 3-4 times of him chopping your mouse then he does it!

So wicked :P

I've seen him destroy my blog like.... 3 different ways now

Here is the code for the english text version of you wanna add it to your blog!

<~script src="" type="text/javascript">

Take out the first and last squiggly thing to make it work! ♥

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Suprise, Suprise! Guess who's finally posting in her blog, which she as been so rudely neglecting....

I'm going through a writing withdrawl I think. Not like blog writing, but story writing. Been wanting to work on "Between Lovers" for some time now... but can't get into writing like I used to. I've tried starting a new story... that never got past the first chapter....

Damn writers block....

Oh, I got 90% on my History 12 Provincial - better than I even expected to get. Which is good... really good. I just need to keep it up now, which means just as much, if not more, studying... w00t... bleh

So yea, I'm pretty lame...

I've really been in a rut lately. All I do is sit at home doing Homework, reading, or occasionally going online to check for new scholarships and maybe pop onto msn for a little while. I need to get out more, but there isn't many places to go. Most of my friends have jobs or live to far away. That OR I have a crap load of homework that I'm not finished until like... 8pm and by then it's to late to be heading across town to chill at a friends for like, 2 hours...

I'm gonna see if Jesse can hang out this weekend. Get myself out of this rut. I'm also gonna go and hand out more applications so I can get a job. I really need one...


Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess What? - Yup busy again...

Friday, November 28, 2008
Been really busy with mostly schoolwork - though also in the process of trying to get a job as well, which will probably NOT help my "No time for anything" problem - but it will start to help my "where the fuck as I gonna get $6000 by July" problem....

I'm sending in my University Application in a few days - as soon as I can scrap up $25 for the application fee. Why does everything need money? Bleh - whatever...

Studing like hell has been paying off - sitting at a pretty much perfect GPA right now - with a perfect 4.0 in the 1 quarter (*dances*)

To help get money for Uni i've also been applying for a load of scholarships - esspecially cadet ones and legion ones. I refuse to get a crap load of student loans - maybe like... $1000 just for the first year, because I also have to save money for moving to Kamloops, but I don't want to have to pay all them back while I'm getting ready to go overseas to teach once I'm done my degree. If i get it in the first year I can pay it off while I study and work my ass off. I'll be out of cadets after this summer so I'll have more time in the evenings (I hope) to work loads....

Fingers Crossed!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo taken at like 945pm Thursday night

The movie was a little better than I expected for some parts.
The effects were decent - not as good as they could be though.
And of course the casting could have been better
but Robert acctually did a decent job at playing Edward.
He really shows Edward as acctually being nervous around Bella,
which I don't really get from the book, but kind-of expected.

The movie has some pretty funny parts too
I love when Edward takes Bella to school for the first time,
he looks so "Oh yea, I'm better than all these retarded guys"
Which I guess makes sence considering what all the boys at school think of Bella.
Oh, on Bellas first day, Tyler kisses her on the cheek while she isnt looking - he hasn't even introduced himself at this point either - very funny

Anyway - I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars - the next one better be better with the effects

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BSB Concert Photo's & Twilight Movie news!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
So the concert was amazing. We got to Kamloops about 6pm, and had some Subway for dinner. Then we got to the Area and went down to where their buses are and waited there for a bit. It was really cold and the concert was starting soon so we went into the area. The show itself was amazing, Casy said it was better than the one in Vancouver! They played alot of their older songs which was fantastic! ♥ It was much better than I imagined. After the show, we again went to their buses but only got to see Brian because he came out to say hello - then it was to cold and getting late so we headed back to Vernon.


There is a Premire show tomorrow night for Twilight - and Jake got both of our tickets yesterday!! It's going to be sooooooo kick ass!!!

Anyway - will take pictures at the premire tomorrow, and here's pictures of the BSB concert!!

Matsudo High School Japanese Exchange Photo's

So I finally updated my Flicker with pictures from the past month or so.

Here are the photo's from the Matsudo Exchange:

Monday, November 17, 2008

♥ BSB Tomorrow ♥

Monday, November 17, 2008
So yea - I'm pretty exceited. Today I went to Casy's house and we decorated out matching vests with Fabric paint and gems. We also got some stuff ready for DoE.

So on Friday Twilight comes out - I'm so going to watch it - its gonna be a blast! Also seeing if my friend Matt can come to Vernon to watch it with me and Casy (if I can get her to go - she likes twilight, but not the movie idea) at a later date - whenever he can get a ride from Kamloops. Havn't seen him since camp so it would be pretty cool.

Oh and I started my new classes on Friday - after taking my History exam on thursday. The exam went well though i wont know my mark for a few weeks. My new classes are Geography and Cafeteria - though I didn't go to cafe on friday. Instead I went out with Lindsay who is in town from Edmonton for the week - she's spending the night in tuesday so I'll get to see her then too!

I just noticed that with me all busy and that fun stuff - I havn't even mentioned that Matsudo High School came a few weeks ago. Was lots of fun - will post pictures another day though as it is getting late and I need sleep for my exciting day tomorrow!

I should be updating my blog alot more now that exams are finished.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Backstreet Boys!

Sunday, November 9, 2008
So yesterday, I bought tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert in Kamloops for me and Casy. It's her B-Day present and I'm soooooo excited!!

Anyway, short post. I've been neglicting this blog because I've been so busy. Exams are this week and I'm just heading out to apply for a few jobs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tuesday, November 4, 2008
So I just got back from Cadets to discover that Obama, an African American, has won the presidential election in the US. The first black president ~ Amazing, a date to remember for sure!

He won by over double McCains vote - about 380 VS 150 - Which really suprised me.

Sad thing though, that he might be assasinated. There has already been a few attempts so I'm quite worried.

I really hope he is safe, because he will bring great change to the US and the world.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally some time...

Sunday, October 26, 2008
So I just got back from my cadet weekend exercize... well I got back like at 1230 but i fell asleep.

We did lots this weekend, it was really fun. Saturday during the day we did repelling off the new tower on base as well as I taught classes on concealment and camo application. That was to get ready for saturday night.

Kelowna core was also on base and they were doing map and compass training all day. That night they were doing a compass course. Out task was to "stalk" them. They had no idea we were going out so it proved to be very funny when we told them we had been watching them all night! We were pretty good at hiding and moving undetected. None of our teams were caught by the kelowna team, but we got caught once each by on of our officers, whom we were also running from.

My team scared one of the officers near the end. 2 team members had gone ahead to scout out an area while the rest of us hid near a fence beside the tunnel. We waited there and lots of people passed us without even seeing us. One group, well half of one, was lost and waiting near us. an officer was helping them look for there team mates, so when our scouts came out of the tunnel and they got caught like 2 feet away from us hiding, the officer asked where the rest of there them was. The said they had no idea and thats when I sat up and said "We're right here mam!". I swear she jumped like 2 feet in the air. It was so funny.

During the night I hurt my knee quite bad. I was running and my knee locked when i hit a hole in the ground. It still really hurts and its really stiff. I've been icing it on and off and its getting better but still hurts....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy, Busy...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
I have been pretty busy lately, infact I'm leaving for school here in a few minutes for a History Tutorial.

Band Clinic was this past weekend, and I got my level 4. It's great considering I only have like 4 hours to prepare. I will go for my level 5 this summer.

This term is almost finished... finals are on Nov. 7th.

Kelly was there this weekend and recomended me to a snare instructor for the cadet band. She thinks she will be able to but not positive yet. I really hope so, im going nuts finding people to teach.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

B-Day Prezzies

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got this iPod from my family last friday. It's a new nano chromatic video iPod - and it's wicked cool.
It took me a while to figure out how to convert my video's but it's all good now. I love all the new features!

I just got a package from Lindsay today - and this is what she got me!
A Sailor Moon drawstring Back-bag,
Hello Kitty stationary,
Hello kitty mini stuffie!
I love it all!

I got this necklace from Casy at cadets on tuesday. I love it, its so beautiful!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

Monday, October 13, 2008
Yuppers - I'm 17!

Boring day today though - it's thanksgiving in Canada which means all my friends either have family over, or are out of town. Which makes for pretty lame celebrations...

Oh well - I just should be greatful that my birthday isn't on Christmas - that would suck even more.

My family didn't do much for thanksgiving - we never even made our own turkey. My mom just bought KFC... lmao

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Death & DofE

Saturday, October 4, 2008
Whats it with death this fall?

First my Uncle died - now my good friend Shaun's dad has died.

Shaun is a close friend from cadets - his mom is an officer too. His dad has been really sick for about a year now - and he passed away last weekend, though I just found out about it on tuesday at cadets. Our core is all going to the funeral - or at least most of us - to support Shaun and his family.

Poor guy is taking it really hard too - he refuses to let it out and is keeping it all in... so i'm a little worried about him...

In happier news - my team DID win the Stalin trail, and I passed a test on Facist Italy only getting 6 questions wrong out of 35 - so not bad at all!
And in Psychology our serveys are going pretty well - though I got kicked out of Walmart yesterday! haha~

Last night Casy was working night shift at the Super 8 (right next door to my house, my mom also works there) so I went to visit her at 2am! I ended up staying untill nearly 430, but it was lots of fun. We even researched info about campsites for the Duke of Edinburgh's award we are going for together.

What is Duke of Edinburgh? Well...
"The DofE (or The Duke of Edinburgh's Award), is a programme of activities that can be undertaken by anyone aged from 14 to 25, regardless of personal ability. Activities include Community Service, Physical, Skills, and Expedition; with one more, Residential Skills, added for the Gold Award."

We're doing Silver, here's what we have to do:
"A Silver DofE programme has 4 sections, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. You need to do at least 6 months Volunteering and a minimum of 6 months on either Physical or Skills and 3 months on the other. It’s up to you which one you do for longer.
The Expedition section involves planning, training for and doing a 3 day (2 night) expedition."

It's open to anyone in British Commonwealth between aged of 14-24 so if you interested here is some links:
Wiki Page
Home page

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stalin's Lawyer

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Life's been pretty boring - school and cadets mostly, as usual.

But school's been pretty sweet~

In Psychology we are creating a servey and a plan to help change the people of vernon from using lots of plastic bags when shopping - to largely using reuseable bags. We're studing different psychological marketing strategies and how and why they work. Really cool because we get to spend the next 3 afternoons at various stores around vernon handing out serveys and info cards.

History has been the best though - very interesting! Our latest project is a Role Play Trial of Joseph Stalin - my group is on the defending side. We thought it would be very hard at first, going against him "killing 30 million" ect. but we have found loads of sweet info. Here is our argument:
(The opposing team is using the Ukrain famine against us as well as "poor living conditions" the first two argue against their attacks)

1. The Famine in the Ukrain was simply the cause of the Great depression - western countries were not affected as drasticaly because they were more industralized. Stalin was trying desperatly to make all of the USSR strong - but obviously not fast enough for the Ukrain. The paper you use against us was written in Edmonton in 1983; western information is often exadurated. For example; the real number executed by Stalin was only between 6-10 million, - not the accused 30+ -and a great majority was not directly ordered by Stalin - many were caused by neighbors telling lies about others because of past quarels.

In fact - there is no possible way that Stalin could have killed anymore than 10 Million if you take into acount the total deaths in that area and the life expectancy, ect. What I mean is, if Stalin had even killed as much as 15 Million - according to data of the total deaths in Russia during that time - that would mean only 1 in every 1000 would die of natural causes every 4 years, which was simply impossible in those times concidering the low life expectancy just shortly before Stalin's Rule. According to Statistics - Stalin acctually improved the life expectany by over double during his rein!

2. Stalin greatly improved life of the people of Russia in many ways. His 5 year plans may not have been fully achieved but they did increase a majority of the industries by drastic numbers - esspecialy Steel and Oil. Russia was the ONLY county not affected drastically by the Great Depression - with the exception of states closer to western Europe. Stalin is still seen as a great leader in Russia because of the improvments he created. Illiteracy nearly disapeared, and women had much more rights than they would in the West. Health Care was given to everyone who needed it, no matter their status.

He did do some terrible things - but none fully under his control....

(These later points are our argument)

3. Stalin had a troubled childhood. As a witness we bring in Stalin's mother. We ask her about Stalin as a child; he says he was a "poor innocent boy, who always wanted to please his father. A Smart boy who loved books." We procede to ask her about stalins father: "He was a terrible drunk - and got mad very easy. He would often take his anger out on little stalin, and me when I got in the way. After His father died, stalin became very quiet, he never really made many friends and got into lots of fights. I sent him to a religious school - oh how i wanted him to become a priest! - but he was soon kicked out because of his behavior - oh my poor boy!"
Then she leaves.

4. Stalin loved books indeed, and many influenced him during his mentaly unstable childhood - such as a Manuscript of Dawrins, leading him to abandon religion completely; and another book, a Robin Hood like tale of a man named Koba who saved a girl from a village from a "tyrannic village governor". This story influenced Stalin so much, enought to make his favorite nickname "Koba", it could be said that many of his actions take root here; the woman representing the workers and the govenor representing the Tsar or the government - in Stalins eyes.

We now bring in a guard as a witness to tell a true story about stalin when he was in prison before he came into power.
"He would act out lots - He didn't care, nor was he affected by the beatings he recieved. Once, he was orderd to kneel to be flogged and he did so, but he was reading a book - of which was banned by the government - we ordered him to put it down but he refused. So we beat him, harder than we planned because of his disobediance - and it pained me to see him - he just took all the beatings, never once cried out. We asked him again to put the book down or the beatings would become worse - still he refused! We eventually tore the book from his hands and beat him till we ourselves grew tired. Stalin then picked his book back up and continued to read.

We now see the effects the beating and the books had on Stalin. It is clear that he was mentaly unstable - esspecially if one were to take advantage of his unstability.

5. In fact, many DID take advantage of Stalin - persuading him to do things through is unstable state.

A Huge example is Stalins "Cult of Personality" - most people believe that this was Stalins doing and what he wanted but infact it was forced and built up around him by revisionists. The fact of the existence of a revisionist majority in the leadership of the Communist Party was effectively concealed by the ‘cult of personality’ that was built up around Stalin. Stalin himself criticised and ridiculed this ‘cult’ on numerous occasions. Yet it continued! It follows that Stalin was either an utter hypocrite - or he was unable to put a stop to this ‘cult’. The initiator of the ‘cult of personality’ around Stalin was, in fact, Karl Radek. Stalin himself is on record as telling the German author Lion Feuchtwanger in 1936 that the ‘cult of his personality’ was being built up by his political opponents. So clearly his "Horrible Suspisions that made him kill innocent politions" was not so horrible after all?

This returns us to the accusations of Stalin Killing Millions - that too was persuaded upon him. Nikita Khrushchev said in his 1956 secret speech (and I quote):
“The question is complicated here by the fact that all this was done because Stalin was convinced that this was necessary for the defence of the interest of the working class against the plotting of ememies. He saw this from the position of the interests of the working class, of the interest of the victory of socialism.”

But only a person who was mentaly unstable could possibly be convinced that the arrest of innocent people could serve socialism.

In the 1960s, anti-Soviet propaganda originally published in Nazi Germany, was republished by a former British secret service agent named Robert Conquest under the more respectable cloak of Harvard University. In the 1980s, Conquest was alleging that there had been in 1939 a total of 25 to 30 million prisoners in the Soviet Union, that in 1950 there had been 12 million political prisoners.
But when, under Gorbachev, the archives of the Central Committee of the CPSU were opened up to researchers, it was found that the number of political prisoners in 1939 had been 454,000, not the millions claimed by Conquest. Once again we see that western society has exadurated real facts in order to make stalin look bad - to make communism look bad.

An then we carry on for a little bit longer just doing a conclusion ~
You think we will win? lol I Hope so!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being sick sucks...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
An edit of mine - Flower girl and Ring Boy from my cousins wedding!
So cute!

Being sick is lame, which is why I am more than happy to be feeling well enough to go to school tomorrow. I am running out of movies to watch, and playing Sims 2 all day is getting boring. I've even caught up on all my homework, which I usually leave till the last minute when I'm sick.
I still have a sore throat and a really stuffy/runny nose, but I'm hoping it will be gone by tomorrow morning. If not - I'll just deal with it.
I can't wait to go back to classes - strange isn't it?
I just love my classes! I have to do a test in each of them when I go back, but that's cool. I'm only worried about the one in psychology - its on the structure and function of the Nervous System - which I missed a lot of classes on so I really suck. I'm sure I'll pass though.
History - well that's easy - its just a test on the league of nations and the weinmar republic. I've been getting top marks in that class, and I totally understand the subject matter of the test, so that's an easy one.
Tests aside, I still can't wait. Life sitting at home sick is BORING!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend FTX

Monday, September 22, 2008
It was a pretty kick ass exercize. I wasn't on the island, but I have gone like 4 times so I wasn't all that upset; infact I was happy because it was just Wo. Rowe, Chief Wo. Wangler and myself as staff on the mainland - us and Capt. Steck and Capt. Wangler (Chiefs Mother). So we had loads of fun. The cadets on the mainland were a few MCpl's and everyone under. Most worked hard, and it turns out that we had a better base camp than those on the island. It's funny because those on the island were supposed to be doing "advanced" training while those on the mainland did the basics, but it ended up partially the other way because those on the island didn't know much of the basics and 3 people on the mainland had gone to Whitehorse adventure camp for the summer, so they knew lots and helped the younger cadets learn lots.

As a Wo. I pretty much mainly suprivised and kept them busy so they weren't sitting around doing nothing for a long time. I taught them how to use a bow saw and an Axe, while Rowe taught them how to use a Shovel and Rake. The chief taught lighting a stove and lantern. It was pretty cool.

Our base camp had alot of sweet stuff. The cadets made: a table out of logs, positioned between 3 trees; 2 tripods for holding lanterns in the air; theirs houches - with trenches to keep out the rain; a shack/shelter for the fire wood to keep it dry; covers and shelters for the PLO point and tool area; and they made the fire pit - including digging the whole and laying the rocks in the middle.

On sunday I was feeling really sick - sore throut and a headache - on the way back and I knew I was getting sick. Sunday night, about 7 pm, after sleeping a little, I woke with a killer migraine and had to stumble down stairs to find my dad to give me some medicine for it. I don't know what exactly he gave me, but I took like 4 pills and within 20 minutes I was passed out cold.

I woke up this morning to my mom asking if I was going to school. I still felt like shit so said no.
Here it is 1120 and i still feel like shit - so chances are i wont be going tomorrow either....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grad Retreat & School Dance

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today was even more fun that I expected, but I am so exhausted now...
The Retreat was just grand. Breakfast was good, but kinda boring. At 830 we loaded the buses and left for Gardom Lake. Once there we had a little grad meeting and a speach from the principal. Then we played a game of Blob Tag, which decided our groups for team exercizes.
Those were fun, kinda hard though, but fun none the less. We then played some "This or That" games as a whole, then it was lunch. Hamburgers and fries for lunch, though it didn't fill many. There were more of us than expected so food was limited... :(
After Lunch we did our activities like kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, and the ropes course. It was MAJOR fun!
This evening was also the first school dance of the year. It was SO MUCH FUN!!
One of the better dances I must say!
I havn't gotten a chance to upload the pics or video's from either events today, but when I do I'll post links here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Things have been pretty mellow since the weekend. School's been cool, but nothing really all that exciting has happend. Though Thursday is going to be a blast! Tomorrow I am going to Kat's house to tutor her in German, that should be fun.

I found out today that one of the "popular" guys in my psychology class has something in common with me; we both want to teach english overseas - mainly in Japan! We talked about it with our teacher for a while, as my teacher not only plans most of the ESL students at our school and the exchange Japanese class that comes once a year, but he has alsong taught in Japan before, for 3 years!
We talked about a bunch of options we would take to get that kind of job. He asked both of us if we wanted to be special guides with him when the japanese class comes for halloween. I said yes, but the other guy isnt sure if he is busy or not. Either way, I can't wait for halloween!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miss you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008
My Uncles funeral was yesterday, I cried so much. It never really hit me that he was gone untill we went to the private viewing before the service. He was a really good man, alwats putting everyone before himself. He gave his life to save his best friend and his girlfriend who were riding with him.

In not so sad news, there is a Dance on Tursday which is also the day of my Grad Retreat. All grade 12's go to school early for a pancake breakfast served by our teachers, then we head out to Gardom Lake where we do things like Rope Corses and fun stuff. We have lunch there then we come back and have a grad meeting. The theme of the dance is "Would you still be my friend if I wore this?" so I'm hopping to go to the mall tomorrow or wednsday to buy some clothing items for it. I think im going to wear my black wig also.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Defacing Historical People?!?! + New Flickr Account

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is what happens when Michelle, Shayla, Tasha, Serena and I are bored in History Class -- We deface the historical people we were supposed to be studing....
But, if you look at it this way - we sure are not going to forget their names anytime soon!
"Who was Yasser again?"
"Remember? Aladdin?"
"Oh yea!! Table-cloth guy!"
Anyway I also now have a Flickr account, so you can see some pictures I have uploaded so far on there. You can also see even more of our comedic Defacing sheets in my Grad 2009 folder!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Begining of School!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nice? I like it!

So life's been pretty plain the past week. Mostly spending my time unpacking, (my room is officially fully set up! - Minus my closet!), at school and at my friends house.

I just got internet hooked back up today, so I will hopefully be posting more now. My closet isn't set up yet, they need to put in a pole so I can hang my clothes up. Meanwhile I have been living basically out of my suitcase clothes-wise...

School is GREAT! I love my classes! I have History and Psychology, both with great teachers.

In history we started with the conflicts in the Middle East, with focus on the Israeli and the Arabs and what caused all the problems. We watched the move Munich, and did some worksheets. Thats pretty much all we have done the past week -- We have a test tomorrow though! I'm sure I will do well!

In Psychology we having been focusing on the history of psychology and the science behind it -- like scientific methods used for psychology. Today we started working on behaviorism and watched "The Truman Show". It was very mind joggling at the begining but made sense by the end. Out homework is to write a paragraph about if we think that ultimately the creator of "the truman show" was infact fully in control of truman, or was truman in control of all his actions and behaviors uninfluenced by the fake world around him -- very cool shit of you ask me :D

Cadets started last tuesday, and I already have some classes to teach! -- Joys of being at the top huh? Well not right at the top, but I'm getting up there! At least now we are getting to know ahead that we are teaching, last year they would only tell us last minute! It sucked!
We also have the Island Exercize coming up in a few weeks. Thats going to be loads of fun!

Jake and Tamara live near my new house, so I spent friday afternoon at Jakes house with them. We watched JUNO and chilled for a bit.

My Uncle (son of the man my grandma married recently), Mike died last week. He got hit by an SUV whike riding his motorbike. It was the SUV's fault, and Mike took the inpact to save his GF who was riding with him. It's very sad, and my family will all miss him very much. His funeral is this weekend in Kelowna so we are going to it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's been a long week.....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The title says it all....

Friday I left for Kelowna to go to my cousin's wedding, I also went major shopping at the Kelowna Mall. The wedding was on Saturday, which I helped set up for as well as help my cousin and her bridesmaids get ready.
The wedding was really beautiful, the service was perfect! After the main service the bridal party went to "The Grand" waterfront arena/park/beach to take photo's. I got one of me with Marsha's Flowers (Marsha was the maid of Honour, another Cousin of mine & best friend to the bride). I bought that dress the day before the wedding at the mall. It's really cute!!
After the picutres was the reception, which was really nice as well.
After Saturday, I stayed in Kelowna until this thursday because my parents were moving me and my sisters things. We stayed at my grandmothers house, which was crowded but not to bad. I got lots of my Lit. 12 work done.
When me and my sister got back we went right to our new house and helped moved a few things inside. Things still arn't set up yet, but the will be soon.
School starts on the 3rd! Im excited, yet sad at the same time....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tuesday, August 19, 2008
My room's almost all packed up now.... It looks so empty... its depressing almost....

All my walls are bare, my desks are all cleaned off and my book shelf & closet are totaly empty....


Though I can't wait to move, I am also gonna miss this house too. Here I am alot closer to my friends, at my new house I'm going to be alot farther away....

Monday, August 18, 2008


Monday, August 18, 2008
Just got back fromt he movies! I went to see MAMMA MIA with my sister.

It was a great movie, and I bought the soundtrack right after when I was shopping for a notebook for my Lit. 12 class.

I have been listening to the soundtrack now since I got back like an hour ago. <3

There is a thunder storm going on right now, I hope the power dosn't go out!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home... Finally...

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Well, camp was.... typical Army Camp...

Lots of Drama, lots of fun, lots of laughter, lots of friends, and of course, lots of tears (both of joy and sadness)

I'm not going to load any pictures onto my blog here, but if you have my facebook you can see them all there!

I got home ealier today, about 230pm. I chilled online then went for dinner with my family & helped clean part of our new house we will be moving into...

Its a scary house... an abandoned drug house but once its cleaned up it will be a very nice house. A little small for all of us but it will work, we'll make it work!

Don't really have all that much to write about... the final parade went prefectly... well it ran a little late and the sunset ceramony timing was off but that was just a minor detail that didn't matter to much. My sister came to watch the parade but I was not alowed to visit her after because she could not get a visitors pass.

I really need a full nights sleep....

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – August 13th

Well I have missed a few days….

So McIssac asked me to mess on the 6th, it was really cute. CI Boose told me I had to meet him in Couttes Common that evening because he had to evaluate me on teaching a private lesson. So I went… well in the middle of teaching my class I hear singing behind me….

“Bardsley won’t you go… Bardsley won’t you go…. Oh Bardsley won’t you go to mess with him…”

It was the Mill. Band CI’s singing a barbershop quartet! McIssac stood behind them till they were done. I loved it because it was so original!

Mess was on the 9th, after the parade in Penticton. We got back late… so we only had 20 minutes to get ready…. Which made a lot of the BRAVO and School of Music female staff very angry, but we made it in time… and I must say I looked very good for only having 20 minutes to get ready!
Mess went great! Dinner was good, not the best but better than mess hall food, and the dinner didn’t take too long. We had a really long dance, over 3 hours long, which was much better than last year’s dance… which was 15 minutes barely!

Sunday was Drum Head Service, which went a lot quicker than I remembered it. It was cold that morning so I was freezing… I was also starting to feel anemic… which isn’t good. After the service I took my sister out to lunch and went home for a little bit. It was very relaxing!
Monday was pretty boring….

Yesterday was a bad day…. I was sick in the morning, feeling very cold and exhausted because of my anemia. Well CI Boose sent me back to base to rest, so I slept most of the day…. After dinner was a sunset practice, then after that I was supposed to have barracks duty but Casy covered for me because the School of Music went out for our “end of summer dinner”. Just before we left though I got a nosebleed and add that on top of already feeling dizzy and sick because of my anemia and I nearly fainted a few times while getting ready. But the dinner went ok otherwise. We got back at like 11 and I went and took over for Casy.

This morning I was supposed to play for the company parades but I fainted this morning while getting ready. All I remember the trying to do my hair then I was on the ground with people calling my name and holding my head up. So I went to the MIR and they put me on bed rest but they let me come back to my barracks and take care of myself.

I just finished watching “Across the Universe” which is the most amazing movie ever! Wall maybe not ever, but it’s really good.

On another note…. I go home in 3 days! I’m sad I have to leave, but happy at the same time. Can’t wait to sleep in and have internet again…. But will miss everyone very much….

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – August 5th

Missed a few days… again… sorry! I’m bad at writing a lot when I am at camp… but it’s better than not writing at all!

Sunday was pretty boring… we had a parade in Armstrong which was short but still rather boring and annoying. After the parade I went and got my hair cut and went to my massage appointment. My hair turned out great! I love it! It’s not too short, it’s still past my shoulders, but it’s layered and looks really nice. My massage was heavenly! I was so relaxed after it was done.

I went back to base after the massage, but went back into town with McIssac and Chisholm for a little while after dinner. We pretty much just chilled for a while.

Monday was boring, be pretty much didn’t do much of anything all day. The morning we had to be at H10 but there were no course cadets so we just chilled till lunch. Well that’s not true, the CL cadets were there for like… 45 minutes but they just did mini band stuff and the school of music staff still didn’t really do anything. I spent the morning reading “Breaking Dawn”, which is totally amazing by the way!

Monday afternoon was equally as boring, we just did intake interviews because the new basics were here finally.

Today was ok; P&D staff had the morning off so we all slept in (w00t)! After lunch, it was just the CLI’s up at H10 so we just worked on the medley and went to war against CI Bone. It was hilarious. I also was reading “Breaking Dawn” lots today…. I cried twice while I was at H10 because I got to some really sad and touching parts… *cries*

I finished “Breaking Dawn” just before dinner…. IT WAS AMAZING! The ending was perfect, absolutely amazing! Now Woods is borrowing it from me so she can read it.

I pick up my Mess Dress tomorrow after dinner! I’m pretty excited! Also McIssac has figured out he is going to ask me to mess… and all I know is that it is apparently really cute. That’s all Byers will tell me, and that’s all I really want to know… I love suprises!

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – August 2nd

Sorry I missed a few days… not all that much happened till today…

So Thursday went pretty calmly… we had a basic grad practice in the morning then just chilled at H10 in the evening. Nothing else really…

Friday was the actual parade… then RSM’s parade in the evening. My back was really sore by the end of the day because I was basically on my drum ALL DAY! So intense… can’t wait till my massage tomorrow!

Today was pretty crazy! During the morning I went to the mall and picked up “Breaking Dawn” as well as all the other books in the twilight series so I have them all for my own keeping! Lots of people in the barracks are borrowing my books though. :P

Breaking Dawn is amazing so far! I won’t say much about it because some people may not have read it yet, even though this will be posted at a later date….. don’t want to ruin anything…

After lunch was Battalion Sports Day! I was working the “mat Carry” station with Baker. It was really wicked because I got to ride on the mat while the cadets carried me above their heads around a track of pylons. So amusing! Also for the first time in a long time BRAVO won a ribbon at the Sports day…. Well actually to be technical BRAVO 9 platoon (Pipes & Drums) won 1st in the Cadet Leader Courses and 10 Platoon (Rifle Coach) won 3rd in the Cadet Leader Instructor Courses. As usual though BRAVO failed hard core at the Tug-of-War… but that’s ok… all the staff teamed together and pulled the Commanding Officer’s old 1950’s military Jeep like 15 feet. It was amazing, and fun…

This evening was Company BBQ’s, which was fun…. Better than Mess Hall food anyway. After the BBQ’s there was a formal asking… only the second one so far and there is only a week until mess… not very encouraging huh? It was WO Brown being asked my WO Sanchez… it was so cute… she comes out of Headquarters and a staff is there holding a rose for her… while Uren played the pipes… then she walked down the street to where Sanchez was… along the way were roses lining the side of the road… it was adorable, Brown was SO embarrassed… I would have been too… there was lots of people there watching…

Also tonight there was supposed to be a dance but the dance co-coordinator decided to cancel it because supposedly there was “no one who wanted to go to the dance”…. Well that was a load of bull so we made our own dance by hooking up some music (which was a hell of a lot harder than it should have been…) and partied it up!

McIssac was there and we danced… well he sucks at dancing to fast songs but I was trying to teach him… it was pretty hilarious. Hanna danced with him during the slow song though L but that’s ok because guess who’s at camp now….. OG! So I danced with him at the dance for the slow song.

I’m glad to see OG though it’s a little awkward because he wanted to go to the mess dinner with me… but I wasn’t sure whether he would be getting back from his exchange before mess so I didn’t really think about waiting to see if he wanted to go with me rather than McIssac… but I’m glad I’m going with McIssac… he’s really cool too… and I know OG likes me and I don’t really like him that was so it’s a little awkward… oh well… what’s done is done…

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 30th

Today has been pretty good… again I had a bad wake-up call because I was feeling really sick and I have had a headache most of the day but otherwise it’s been great!

Found out this morning that Brandon might be going home on a Personal RTU… that would be wicked… I’d rather Steven (a snare that was put with ECHO because Brandon took his spot) to Brandon any day. Also Matt wrote his Memorandum to take me to mess today and handed it in. His “task” is that he must learn how to play tenor, or at least be able to do 4 flourishes… it’s because in his memo his three reasons why he wants to take me to mess are as follows (in his words):

1) My only alternative to Sgt. Bardsley is Sgt Ho and boys are just icky
2) Awkward silences are awkward… and there would be no silence between Sgt. Bardsley and myself,
3) Who isn’t amused by flying fuzzy mallets?

So hilarious! J That last one is the reason behind his tasking; Capt. Pratt was basically like “oh it’s amusing huh? Let’s see you do it then…!”
After dinner I was hanging with Matt and teaching him the flourishes that he has to do… he has to do a “single,” “Split the Feather,” “Butterfly,” and the “Pinwheel”. He has them all basically down except the butterfly… which is that hardest of the list.
Tomorrow is the basic grad parade practice (yes it’s that time once again!) so we have to play for that tomorrow morning… that’s going to be interesting because our base drummer is going on leave because his grandfather died a few weeks ago L
It should be an interesting day though… we also get paid at midnight tonight! J

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 29th

This morning was really retarded… I woke up late… my uniform was CRAP and I felt really sick… we were supposed to have this afternoon off… but the FOXTROT kids had to come up for their music orientation so the staff cadets had to be there this afternoon… though it was very interesting.

I spent most of the boring parts of the day explaining all of Sailor Moon to the girls. It was very interesting…. I was surprised they were interested… Dez was VERY interested… she was on the edge of her seat a lot of the time as I explained what happened in all the seasons.

Casy has been pretty upset today too… she found out her Grandpa died last night so she’s been crying on and off. I hope she will be ok L

Ok so at the moment Alex and Christy had to move their bunk around… of course they tried to just move the mattresses’ around rather than just remake their bunk… it just made more work for them…. So hilarious and so typical of them.

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 28th

Wow a lot has changed since Saturday! I went from having a boyfriend (with a few glitches) and a mess date to not having either to having a mess date again…. He’s not a boyfriend because we’re going as friends but that’s ok, he’s a cool guy.

So here’s the low down on the past two days…

Saturday I went to talk to Brandon… It didn’t go well and we broke up. So because of that I didn’t sleep well Saturday and had a bad-ish day on Sunday. I say bad-ish because it wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t that great either. I went to breakfast at Casy’s house with the Pipe Major, Dez, Christy and some others but I didn’t eat much and was in a bit of a bad mood. After breakfast we went to Davidson’s Orchards’, just Des, Christy, Casy and Me (and Casy’s mom of course!). After that we picked up some people from base and we went dress shopping! I picked out a great dress; its dark blue (midnight blue) with a white (Ivory) sash that goes across my waist and ties at the back… so I guess it’s more like a belt. Wither way I love it and it looks pretty good on me… or I think so… that others say it looks great too.

After that it was muster parade, and that went well. My mallets went to Seattle with Chris Boose, my instructor, by accident so I had to borrow an intermediate player’s mallets… that sucked because they didn’t fit my hands well and it was hard to swing but I managed. ECHO STAFF’s skit was amazing! So hilarious but that’s because they had Carpino to help and be in it. It was like a crocodile hunter theme but Carpino was “observing” the different courses on base. So hilarious, I loved it. GUARD’S skit was lame and made bad jokes at CSM Koute…. So yea, it was a really lame skit.

After the muster parade, P/M Uren had his formal asking for mess… asking WO Bushe. It was cute… he got the whole senior pipe band to march all around base herding people before he asked her. I can’t wait for my formal asking though I don’t think it will be that special.

Saturday night went well… we just went out for a little pizza… just Dez, Christy, Alex, Casy and me. That was the end of that. Well there was drama in the barracks but just really stupid drama that I didn’t pay much attention too… something about lesbians and jealousy and which bunks people slept in… not sure if it was all related but whatever…. It didn’t concern me so I stayed out of it.

Today was pretty good… was an average day up at H10 except Brandon refused to talk to me… but that was ok, I’d rather him not, As long as he stays professional. Mid morning I had to go help a GUARD class with a drill lesson… it was “March with a mechanical Aid” and apparently I’m a mechanical aid… well my drum is anyway. So I taught them about the cadence for a drum and how a metronome works… I also taught them a little about the different types of marching, like Highland and slow march and what there tempo was for each. After that I joined the rest of the band for drill until lunch. After lunch Hodge asked me if I wanted to go to mess with him as a friend… I said maybe and that I would answer him after dinner or later this evening….

After dinner Dez, Alex, Casy, Christy and I (I will refer to them as “the girls” for now on… to many names to repeat over and over…) went for a “rant session” over ice cream in Polson park… seems most of us had been having a really rough week… in different ways but none the less stressful and emotional.

After our rant session we did a little shopping… I bought hair dye to streak my hair, which I just finished doing… it turned out ok… not the greatest but it’s not horrible… it’s a pretty decent job acutely… Anyway so yea after that we pretty much just came back to base and chilled… that’s when I went over to the make barracks to ask McIssac a question…

I asked him if he wanted to go to mess with me as a friend and he said yes so that’s pretty sweet. I told Hodge I wouldn’t go with him… he’s a little sad but that’s ok… we’re just friends anyway. McIssac and I have been good friends for a while so we will have a fun time. Yu was hinting at us hooking up but I don’t know if we would or will… I doubt it… though he does only live and hour and a half away from me and we will probably be going to the same university in Kamloops… He starts at TRU this fall… I start possibly next fall…. Sweet huh?

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 26th

So I thought today went pretty well…

After sleeping in until almost noon, Christy, Alex, Des, Brandon and I went to the beach. It was lots of fun… and I didn’t get burnt! We went to Kal Lake Beach where they were also having the Vernon dragon boat races. I got an airbrush tattoo which looks really wicked. I seen lots of people I know there… and I called my friend Jesse… Turns out his grandpa has a brain aneurism and had surgery today… so that was a little sad…

We went to Earls for dinner, and then we went to an internet café. Brandon left back to base because he didn’t want to go to the café and he was in a prissy mood so I just didn’t care. I checked my e-mail and my face book and chilled for a while. I also saw my friend David there! It was nice to see him again. Turns out he has a job as a carpenter now and he is finally clean of drugs. I’m glad things are well for him!

After the café we went to star bucks then walked around Polson Park a little, taking pictures. Matt McLean met us there and after we left the park he and Alex went off alone.

So yea, now I’m back at the barracks chilling and loading someone’s iPod with music. But I have to hurry because Brandon is upset and waiting for me at Coutts Common…

He is upset because apparently he had a bad day L
It makes me upset because I thought it was a very good day but then he’s all like, “It was a crappy day…”

God I hate boys… they are so stupid…

I should go talk to him

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 25th

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s Christmas in July!

Barracks duty went well, and I actually got things straightened out with Brandon. So it’s been a much better day. I had the morning off until ten so that was nice. I took my laundry, made my bed and just chilled. It was a nice break from yesterday’s drama.

It was really hot today though, so I was like dying…. I also still am having stomach aches from eating too much and trying to make my stomach stretch from not eating much in MIR…

After dinner was entertaining… Cassy had one of her episodes but this time she had a sore throat so she was choking… so we took a nice little trip to the hospital. I escorted her so I got to skip out of the RSM parade…

The hospital was fine and dandy… we weren’t there to long, just a few hours. At least we didn’t have to wait in line, she went right in. I wasn’t too worried because she had only choked for a few minutes then stopped but was still unconscious until just before the ambulance arrived. So she was awake when we got to the hospital. After like half an hour I could go see her in the ER and she was doing good… mostly pissed because she hates hospitals and the guy who put her IV in was not gentle about it. So we talked and joked for a while…. Waited for her blood test to get done; then she was released so we went back to base…

We had missed dinner so I ran to Jim’s Pizza and got us pizza & pop.

Then Cassy, Brandon and me chilled at Coutts Common until the staff meeting then it was just me and Brandon for a while.. Now I am here!

So yea… a much, much, much better day!

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 24th

So quite obviously I have not written in my blog for a LONG time… well that is because there is no internet here that we have access too easily. Well technically I still don’t have internet access but I am starting to go insane and I’m just way to damn lazy to write it by hand… so I have decided to start writing stuff in Microsoft word and then copy it into my blog at a later date. So whenever this gets posted….. I did not write it “today” I wrote it…. Today! As in today…. The 23rd of July… not whenever this actually gets posted… And that goes all of the stuff that has the title “VACSTC STAFF 2008 – INSERT DATE HERE”.
Anyway... to refresh on the past 4 weeks of my life…

Pre-course was fun…..…but EXTREAMLY HOT and EXHAUSTING. I met lots of staff and got to know lots of new friends. Lots of people I already knew were here so that was good too. Pre-course (for those readers who have no idea what the hell I am talking about) is a weeklong… “Test” I guess you could call it… for all the staff. It’s when they decided where we are going to be places for the summer. It’s basically lots of getting our kit, interviews, and lesson evaluations and so on so they can see where we want to go and if we are qualified to be there. Lucky for me, all the school of music officers wanted me there so I did get placed where I wanted… Worrall and Rowe both got placed where they didn’t want as did many people…. I was really lucky.
So anyway pre-course was fine and dandy… I also meet this really cute guy during pre-course… he is a snare drummer in school of music (though when I meet him he was in the process of being transferred out of ECHO COY). His name is Brandon Gonzalez and we are (hopefully) going to mess together… I’ll explain the hopefully later…

Intake went really well, I had really easy shifts, mostly escort from the airport to the base and only a small half hour shift of actual intake and all I had to do was check baggage. So intake went by really fast… and soon it was off to H10 to beginning training.
Of course before we beginning training we have to test and interview all the band course cadets and see whether they belong in beginner, intermediate or senior band... that was a gong show… but at least it was more organized than last year… I was in charge of making sure all the pipers went from the holding room to the piping test room then to the theory test room all without getting lost in the maze that was call H10… it was interesting… I almost got lost there were so many people… and to top that day off… we only ended up with like 5 pipers, 4 snare and 0 tenor starting in senior band…. It’s not as bad now (we at least have a larger pipe section of about 8 including staff, 5 snare with staff and 5 tenor/bass with staff…)

So once we got that sorted out we started training. It went pretty well and went by pretty fast. We are learning a sweet medley… or at least we were but I think they are calling it off because it is way too hard for people to earn (refer to the fact that we have no one able to actually plan in the senior band….) Nothing really remarkable happened that is to do with me teaching… other than that. I have been mostly teaching basics because I’m a lot better that the level tunes (Song of the Glen & The Fairy Lullaby) that Sgt. Lai and I guess I have lots of patience apparently… (Yea I know WFT right?). Anyway, yea that’s what I do…

So outside of H10, life on base is fucking crazy. The first week was chill… BRAVO won the pennant for the first time since 2004 and for the first time since GUARD COY was made… they DIDN’T win the pennant for the first week! I really shouldn’t be so happy about that because school of music is part of TRG/HQ not BRAVO but that ok… I’m BRAVO at heart :D

The first weekend wasn’t so chill… there was the first staff dance and there was a lot of DRAMA between me, Brandon Gonzalez and Redpath…. Long story but basically… Brandon asked me to mess…. Redpath was jealous... she was causing shit and made Brandon upset at the dance and continued to cause shit all weekend… It all turned out pretty well…. There is still a bit of a rivalry between us but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was that weekend.

Ooooh Don’t think I mentioned about the CSM’s this year… Uren was a candidate but didn’t pass so he got Pipe Major and senior WO of School of Music. Most of the CSM’s this year are males so it’s like a reverse from last year… and funny thing… the only male CSM from last year is dating the only female CSM from this year… lol or what? The TRG/HQ CSM this year is Scott which is pretty cool… he is really sweet guy… strict but not like… insane… BRAVO CSM is Koutte which at first I was really pissed off because he is not a band person and he is really like insane hardcore…. But I guess that’s why the wont the pinnate first week huh?

Anyway so BACK to my crazy life here at camp….

Second week of training went by VERY FAST… I really don’t remember much of anything interesting happening… except CHARLIE COY won the pennant which made BRAVO a little upset… and guard VERY MAD which I find hilarious.

So the weekend between the second and third training week is when things started to go REALLY CRAZY…
Well technically it started in like the first/second week but it didn’t affect me… I’m talking about the Vernon Virus… AKA the Black Plague…. AKA the Stomach Flu… It started in GUARD then moved to FOXTROT then to DELTA and to CHARLIE… that’s when it hit BRAVO and it all changed for the worse…

Until it hit BRAVO none of the officers were really affected and only a few kitchen staff where affected… but on one weekend so much changed… over like 500 people were put into isolation over that weekend and the beginning of this week because of the stomach flu and they even had to close one kitchen because so many kitchen staff were sick. BRAVO shares barracks with the MCPL’s and SGT’s so when they got sick we all got sick also. And after we got sick all the officers started getting sick. They had to call in military medics from Victoria to help isolate and shut down half the camp. It’s getting better now near the end of the week but there are still lots of cadets in isolation.

I got sick Tuesday morning and went to MIR, I wasn’t puking but I have bad stomach ache. They put me in isolation for what they called “four hours” but I ended up staying until Thursday morning… I was NOT pleased. There were so many girls that we took over the whole MIR for girls alone… the males had to be putting into the staff canteen that they closed off to turning into an isolation/treatment center… It’s still being used as one… so the staff dance might be cancelled for Saturday… none of the staff are very pleased about that.

Today was just the worst day of camp like EVER!

Started ok… I got out of MIR w00t! But found out They took away all my clothes so I have to go down to B3 to get combats so I could go to work… that pissed me off alone… but NO it had to be worse because I had to fight with the B3 staff to let me have a pair of combats… it was SO STUPID…. Then I had to walk up to H10 alone (cries). To top that morning off, my Boyfriend (Brandon Gonzalez) was all “pissed” at me because I supposedly ignored him when I came up to H10 after getting out of MIR… I didn’t though… he was the first person I said hello to but then I have to do teach so I couldn’t stay and chat… so I have to leave him… so he was pissed…. It made me really upset... after lunch I wasn’t feeling well so that made my day worse thinking about having to back up to the MIR again.. (Which I refuse to do BTW… NEVER AGAIN will they trick me with their “it will only be 4 hours” thing….) So with my stomach ache I went up to teach, that went well until we had drill for the last 2 periods then my stomach was really hurting but I HAD to go so I did… then I found out the Pipe Major didn’t go just because he was feeling a little “moody”…. Man was I pissed…. So was a lot of the other school of music staff…

Dinner and beyond is a whole other story…

K so on the way down from H10 Brandon totally just ignored me, I tried to talk to him but he was all upset and pissed off and just would not listen. So I went to dinner without him, but he joined me, Devitt and Lai at the mess hall. I offered him a seat beside me, but he didn’t even say hello or anything and sat beside Lai instead… He didn’t even stay that long… he just ate a little then took off before I even had a chance to really talk to him…

After dinner I had to go pick up laundry and I seen him on the way so we talked a little and it seemed ok... I left to get ready for a meeting and we planned to talk again after the meeting. That all went ok but near the end of our talking we both started to get frustrated… it wasn’t going anywhere…

GOD so frustrating… you see he is upset with me because I “ignore him” “Cut him off when he is talking to me because I leave to talk to someone else” and that “I never spend time with him alone”… I mean I see where he is getting all this from, but that is because 1) He talks quietly and sometimes I don’t hear him 2) I have like ADD talking… I talk to one person and jump to the next before I even finish…. I do it to everybody… like EVERYBODY…. Most people realize that it’s just the I am but he takes it so seriously… 3) I do spend time with him alone, but I mean it’s hard at camp, we are not supposed to date at all at camp so it’s hard to be together to begin with… that and I have lots of friends & I like to be arounf large groups of people… its like a comfort to me.,.. its why I like cities and large crowds…. I don’t even have to know the people… I know I’m fucked up… and it’s frustrating because I try and try to explain this all to him but it’s like it just goes over his head.

So yea I’m explaining this all to him tonight… and I’m late for barracks duty and I’m just so frustrated and he says to me “Just go, you want to leave anyway, you’re going to be late” and he said it like… so hateful… like he was really upset and mad at me… so I just left because I was like breaking down and about to cry and I hate crying in front of people…. Especially guys I really like…

So yea, I was pissed at him… he was pissed at me… and we have been not talking all night and we’re both still not really talking…. We’re texting but it’s really getting us nowhere…

Anyway… that’s basically what has happened over the past 4 weeks….. There is probably a lot more but it’s really late now and I have to wake up early and to go work tomorrow morning…

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 Days!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Yup! Only 4 days untill I will be back on the millitary base!

I'm pretty excited!

I went shopping with my mom today to buy things I needed for the first few weeks of trainning before I get paid.Ya know, the basics: notebook, pens, paper, bathroom stuff, shower stuff, & I also got a new Bathing suit!

Cute huh? I love the colors!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Boring....

Sunday, June 22, 2008
So, Fate/Stay Night I just can't get into.. It's one of the ones I wish I was more interested in... but I'm just not liking it..

So... I'm finally downloading Gokusen, and hope to finish all 3 season by the end of the summer.

I can do it!

Life, like Fate/Stay Night, is sooo boring right now...

I have no school, most of my friends are either working, on vacation, or to far away for me to visit. It's going to be a boring week getting ready for camp..

I did go to the movies last night though, it was really good. "Don't Mess With the Zohan" is a hilarious movie!

But anyway, I wouldn't expect to many posts from me.. unless its about gokusen or something just as trivial.

P.S. At the movies, the Twilight trailer played before the movie! >.<
I can't wait!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mabel Lake & History Exams

Friday, June 20, 2008
I missed posting thursday & earlier today, so I guess I better post now!

Thursday I slept all morning, then studied for most of the afternoon. When my sister got home from school I walked over to Casy's house, and we chilled for a little bit. Then we walked to her mom's work, to drive to Blythe's.

We also picked up these two girls, friends of Blythe that live near vernon that needed a ride. They are sisters, and they are very nice. Britany is a little insane, but her older sister Chelsea is realy cool.

The road driving to Blythe's is CRAZY! Its really winding, and has lots of sharp turns. I was carring teh cupcakes that casy made on my lap, and it was really funny. Everyone was laughing at me because i was trying so hard not to drop them!

We stopped at Blythes house and picked her and another of her friends up, then we drove to her cabin. There we made a campfire down on the beach & went swiming a little. The water was freezing, I only went in up to my waist.

It was supposed to be a sleepover at her cabin, but I had to leave that night because I had an exam this morning, so Casy's mom drove me home about 10pm.

This morning my exam went pretty well I think, it was easy to answer the questions. On one of the essays though I didn't explain things very well so I think i lost marks on that. But thats ok! I am sure that I passed!

Anyway, I was supposed to go on a double date tonight, but that got cancelled because of driving issues... but we are all meeting at the movies tomorrow to watch a movie then hang out after.

I'm starting to watch this newer anime STAY/FATE NIGHT. Someone suggested it to me, so i decided to check out the first ep, and it seems good so far. Not as good as code geass though... (im still waiting for the next ep)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Day of School!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Yeay! Summer is here!

I went to school today for the last day! Looks like my P.E. teacher won't fail me either! Which is good, because if he did it would be unfair because I was sick.

I took a practice exam today for socials class, and I got 91% so I am sure I will do fine on friday for my exam! Yeay!

Tomorrow evening, I am going to my friend Blythe's house for her birthday. It's supposed to be a sleepover, but I have an exam in the morning on friday so I can't stay the night.

On friday, I have my exam, then I go to get my new glasses during the afternoon. After that I am supposed to be going out with Grayson, my Boyfriend, and my best friend Jesse and his boyfriend (yes, Jesse is gay, but that just makes him even more cool).

After that, I guess its just going to be a relaxing weekend, then its on to getting ready for staff all next week.

I plan on taking my laptop to camp, so I will me taking lots of pictures and posting lots while I am there.

I'm sooo excited to see all my friends again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've posted alot today.. huh?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
So yea, I'm caught up on all the released episodes of Code geass R2, so now its a matter of waiting untill new episodes are released... *cries*

I'm looking for something new to watch though, so suggestions are always welcome. I'm willing to try just about any anime or drama, though its not guaranteed that I'll like it (see previous post about anime themes). I was thinking of re-watching Gundam Wing, my first anime ever, but with code geass... I'm starting to get sick of to much mecha already. So, I'm thinking that I'll watch Wing this fall, after I get my fix of dark/magical anime through this summer. So I'm thinking.... Vampire Knights? Or maybe I'll finally watch xxxHolic like I was going to a while back... not sure yet though..

As for drama... I'm trying to get the last episodes of last friends.. but until then I might try to find Full House & re-watch it.. I love that drama ^^

I'm feeling better, so I will be going to school tomorrow for my last day befor exams... hopfully I didn't miss too much new material in socials; not that i'll really have a chance to catch up as tomorrow is the last day in class.... though I have a really high mark in that class so I'm not worried. P.E. on the other hand, I might acctualy fail if my teacher counts these past few days as the "3 strikes, your out" rule... because I was sick & my parents called in so I think it shouldn't count... Though there is a chance he might still fail me... stupid teachers...

I fell asleep earlier today so I'm not tired at all.... and its like midnight.. bah soo bored.. might go play sims2 quietly...

Oh... that bastard!

Yes... more about Code Geass..

So turns out Lulu is ok, but his memories were erased my his dad (Emperor of Britania) who has a Geass to control memories...

So now Lulu has forgoted his past (that he was royalty) and also forgets his sister, but she is replaced by this other guy, who Lulu has been tricked to think is his brother but is really part of the millitary and also had a geass! His geass it to somewhat control time... crazy power indeed.

But its all ok, because in the first episode C.C. & Karen make Lulu remember that he is Zero and the Black Knights are back in action... though not as much as they were before because the Britianian government knows lulu is zero, but they still think he dosn't remember any of it.. but he is always being monitored & turns out he is bait to get at C.C!

This show is sooo intence!

Anyway, in real news..
I'm sick.. thats why iI have all this boring free time to watch this anime so quickly (already on the 6th episode of R2).. and why I have nothing else to post about -_-;

No?! It can't be!

So, about my previous post.. I had just watched the last ep of Code Geass...

It ended... with no ending? Suzaku & Zero where face to face, Zero had taken off his mask & Karen was there also so she knew who Zero was..

Anyway, Zero & Suzaku both pull guns and you hear a gun shot.... but it never shows who was killed..


I watch the first like 30 seconds of Code Geass R2... and it says Zero had been "executed" so.... he died?

NOO! He was kick ass! I don't want stupid Britania to win!!


Anyway, I'm addicted soooooo bad right now... so im gonna go watch this....



Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh my...

Monday, June 16, 2008
There was just a scene on CODE GEASS of this chick from the school... umm..."pleasing herself" with one of the princess's pictures o_O

I knew this show had swear words in it... but... that? o_O

It was pretty obvious that was what the girl was doing too.... im mean like... as obvious as you can get without showing to much...

This is going to be a pretty interesting show...

More Code Geass & Anime themes

Yes, I'm officaly addicted to this show! I'm already almost half done CODE GEASS! I'm on the 11th episode out of 25 and have only been watching it for like 2 days now..

This is turning out to probably become one of my fave anime, along with Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Gundam 00 & Cardcaptor Sakura..

My anime-likeing dosn't make any sence at all.. I like some girly ones.. but not all that many... It's the same with mecha anime, I like some.. but not all. In fact many girly anime are just stupid.. and some mecha ones make no sence to me at all. I seem to like most love-story type anime... but again there are some that I just HATE.

I don't like many of the "popular" anime... like Naruto, Bleach, ect. Infact I essecialy hate Naruto & Bleach, their just so trivial and stupid.. Don't know why people are such big fans of it.

FMA is a so-so, Its not interesting enough for me to acctualy watch more than a few episodes.. but it dosn't make me wanna gag like Naruto or Bleach do..

Fruit Baskets used to be on my "If I ever see any more of this anime I will puke" list.. But I think I'm starting to have a small likeing to it.. Still havn't been able to make it past like the 2nd ep.. but it dosn't make me wanna puke anymore.

/anime rant

Whats with summer and me always getting really into anime & drama's this time of year? Must be the bordom of the end of the school year....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Music

Sunday, June 15, 2008
New Music && Songs I'm addicted to!


THAT my friends.. is a really good song.. and I would have discovered it sooner if I acctualy watched Gokusen 3 like I was planning too or acctualy checked MTV Japan regularly...

It's just SOOO catchy.. *dances more & sings along*
I'm acctualy hooked on alot of Aqua Timez songs now.. downloaded a bunch and so far like them all...

Also USHER's new song "Love in This Club" is... well amazingly catchy! (this comming from someone who hates most rap/R&B)

OH! And the brand new NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK MV "Summertime" is really good too! Love the song, even if I'm not originaly a fan of the boys.

Other songs I'm currently Addicted to:

  • 4 Minutes - Madonna
  • Baiscaly the ENTIRE Utada Hikaru "Heart Station" album
  • Break the Ice - Britney Spears

Code Geass

Pretty boring sunday...

Basicaly I spent the day cleaning, chatting on msn, surfing the net, watching Anime, and doing a little homework...

I'm finally starting to watch CODE GEASS now. Just started it today, I'm about 5 episodes into it. So far its REALLY good! Zero is kinda an ass to alot of people... he has a harsh way of doing things... though if it saves Japan from Britania...

After I finish this, I'll watch CODE GEASS R2, which is still airing in Japan I think... so I will probably have to wait for the episodes...

I'm stilll waiting for episode 5+ of LAST FRIENDS to be translated & subtitled... I have attempted to watch it without the subtitles, but my Japanese is only so good.... *cries*

I don't know what I'll watch after that... but watching those 3 will probably take me untill the end of the summer, depending on how much longer I have to wait for the Subs.. So i'll probably end up just watching nothing, or maybe watching something over again untill the fall drama's start to air.. That is unless I decided to watch one of the summer drama's....

That reminds me... I have to see WHAT the summer drama line up is... oops guess I should do that soon...


*Sigh* No line-up posted on Tokyograph yet... will have to check in a week or so...

But I did discover that GLAY is touring the US! But there is only going to be 3... all in Cali in August... *smacks head against wall* DAMMIT! I can't go *cries*

What a tease...

Anyway... I will have to find out about those summer drama's... There is usualy a really good line up for the summer.

OH! And I'm hoping that someone gets the Hana Yori Dango Movie Subtitled by the end of the summer.. Christmas at the latest! When I go to Edmonton for the holidays, I want to watch it with Lindsay.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ashcroft Parade

Saturday, June 14, 2008
So today I woke up bright and early to get ready for a parade in Ashcroft....

For those that don't know, I'm part of the Shushwap Pipe Band. I havn't mentioned it yet on here because I havn't been going to practices because i've either been to busy monday nights, or can't get a ride in.

So 6am rolls around and I roll out of bed. By 7am Ian (an older piper who lives near me) picks me up and we drive to Kelly's house to pick up Paula (Kelly is my old Cadet Band officer who is a snare drummer for the band, Paula is an ex-sea cadet who also plays snare for the band). Then we drive, 3 hours, to Ashcroft... It's a long fricken drive...

We acctualy arrive early though, and go for a quick breakfast at a bakery then meet the others at the parade start site. Thankfully it was really nice out today, last year it poured rain. In fact, it was really hot today in Ashcroft.
The parade was a gong show... we had to walk half way across town before there was acctualy any people to play for.. but once we got to where the people were, it was pretty good. I seen a friend from school, an exchange student from japan. She was there with her host family.

After the parade we had lunch at the legion, then played with the Kamloops band. After that, the members of out band met up at the local Dairy Queen and had ice cream. Some ladies stopped us when we were in line and asked me and paula for a picture! Haha that was entertaining.. I also seen my friend from honour band there! Turns out she knew Paula as well because they went to Camp together. So we hung out for a bit, it was fun.

Then it was back to home. Amazingly we were on the road home by 1pm. Last year we didn't leave Ashcroft untill like 230pm!

Now, I'm at home relaxing & debating whether I should start studing...

Of course, me in a rush this morning, trying to iron my uniform.... I forgot my camera so I have no pictures *cries*

Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Word..... AMAZING!

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Biking Down the Trail

So this weekend was... the Kettle Valley Trail Bike Ride with the cadet core! And man was it amazing!!

For those who don't know what the Kettle Valley Trail is...

The Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) is a historic railway that operated in the Thompson-Okanagan region of southern British Columbia.
It opened in 1915 and was abandoned in portions beginning in 1961, with the final segment falling into disuse in 1989.
Much of the railway's original route has been converted to a multi-use recreational trail, known as the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, which carries the Trans-Canada Trail through this part of British Columbia.

Taken from Wikipedia

Anyway, here's the Play-by-play:

So friday night we were dropped off at the armouries. We packed up out bikes, set up our sleeping area's and basicaly chilled. The sucky part was that the armouries had NO RUNNING WATER! So we had to drag buckets of water from the building across the parking lot into the armouries to flush the toilets & wash up. Before bed, the cadets watched a movie (Meet the Spartans) but I was kinda mad because the movie kept me and Casy awake until midnight....

Saturday we were up bright & early at 5:15am and got packed & ready for the day. We had breakfast, then loaded the bus to drive to our starting point. We were at our starting point & ready to take off by 9:00am! Thats really early!

We started with the Myra Canyon Provincial Park Trail, and got to go over all the tressles. For those reading my blog from out of the Okanagan/Canada, there was a really big fire in this whole area about 5 years ago. "Really Big" don't even begin to properly describe the size of this fire... Over 25,000 hectares of forest burnt up! I remember having ashes falling here in vernon, and we live a good hour and a half away from where the fire was!

Click Here for a picture someone took of the fire from Kelowna across the lake from where the fire was burning. Yes, that is a realy picture... crazy huh? I have pictures below of the area's where the fire hit. The burnt tree's are still there, 5 years later.. but you can see the new bush and forest slowly growing in! Thats very good!

Anyway, after biking a good 35 kilometers, we stopped for lunch at Chute lake. Lunch was military rations... but I was happy I got something I liked! After lunch we carried on, though the Naramata Section of the Kettle Valley Trail.

The Naramata section is another 50 kilometers, and took us from about 1:00pm until 7:oopm, including stopping for injuries, water, snacks and breaks. By the time we finished, we were just outside of Penticton. Then we loaded back onto the bus and drove back to Vernon (2 hour drive... if your speeding!).

Once we got back to Vernon, we basicaly chilled & relaxed. There was a BBQ for dinner, though it was really late (like 9:oopm) then we also prepared skits. The Jr.'s skit was... strange and I don't think any of the sr.'s or officers knew what was going on... but I guess thats what made it funny! The Sr.'s skit was a spoof of "Little Red Ridding Hood" and "The Three Little Pigs" mixed together. The cadets again watched a movie.. and again I was pretty mad.. because as it was, by the time we were done eating & the skits.. it was already like 11:30pm.. but yea.. I did eventually fall asleep anyway.

Today (sunday) we got to sleep in a little (like 8:00am) then we had to have breakfast and get ready to go home... but not me and Haywood.. Instead we got to get into our uniforms and drive to Sicamous to play for their core's ACR. I was really tired, but really happy I got to see my friends from Penticton, who met us there. The Parade went really good too! So that was a bonus! We also all went to D-Dutchmen Dairy for ice cream afterwards.

That was when we said goodbye to Penticton though, and left for home..

What an eventfull weekend huh? Sad thing is that I could not get many pictures as I forgot my memory card at home! (I know.. I'm stupid!) But I did take some while Biking..


The Tressles across Myra Canyon

The longest Tressle

View of Penticton from the Naramata section of the Trail

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Wednesday, June 4, 2008
So yea, still not getting the hang of the blogging thing... but again I have an excuse..

The past 2 days I have gone to bed really early... like 7pm early.. when I usualy don't even think about going to bed untill at least 11-12pm... so yea
And the time before I went to bed the past few days has either been used to 1) clean my room or 2) catch up on homework


So today we started working on our World War 2 projects in socials class. We have to pick one topic about WW2 thats important to canadian history, and another that is just about WW2 in general.

Im doing the "Battle of the Gothic Line" and "Warfront in Japan"

Battle of the Gothic Line
I havn't done much reasearch on this one yet, but I already know that basicaly it was the allied forces (England, USA, France, Canada, ect) who went to Italy, took over Sicily, then moved onto mainland and worked there way up, pushing germany & the Facist Party out of Italy. The Gothic Line was a really important battle at a barrier that the German forces had set up just north of Rome, all the way acoss Italy. My Regiment (the British Columbia Dragoons) where one of the few Regiments that were able to break the German line. My regiment spicificaly took down MANY German "Tigers" which were very tough tanks, that were said to be "impossible to beat" accoding to Britian and France.. (Sound like a Vimy Ridge incident to you? I think so too.)

Warfront in Japan
Havn't done any reseach on this one yet, but im basicaly doing it on the fire bombing of Tokyo, and the Atomic Bomb droppings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think these (esspecialy the latter) are really important about WW2 because its when the nuclear warfare begins in our world. Well that and it made WW2 finaly end (though it was over in Europe for a while before the bombings)

Oh and Im doing it because I also think American's are assholes.. they shouldn't have done that to Japan... though Japan was stupid for stating it all with Pearl Harbor and all that jazz...

Anyway, I'm rambling now...

Oh and in other news, the Kettle Vally Bike ride for cadets is this weekend!!!! Lindsay is comming down from Alberta for it, and she's staying at my house...
(Lindsay has been like my Best friend for like... years.. we're like sisters!)
And afte the bike ride, me and Blythe (Haywood) might ditch and go meet Cody (Hansen) and Jesse (Robson) from the Penticton core and drive to Blythe's house for sleeping saturday night, so we can dive to Sicamous sunday to play at their ACR. It's because we're bandies.. and we are just THAT COOL!

Haha j/k but its gonna be a blast :P

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Annual Ceremonial Review

Sunday, June 1, 2008
My 4 year service medal

My ACR was on Tuesday, and It went really well! I played in the band, and thankfully we didn't mess up except at one point I dropped my Tenor Drum!! That wasn't good as it was VERY loud!

As for awards, I recieved the award for "Top Field Cadet", which means I was the top cadet when we go camping, ect.
I also got my 4 year service medal (ass seen above).

After the parade the band played some songs and I also did highland dancing. It went really well but I did mess up the last 2 moves on the highland dancing. I don't think anyone noticed though, so it was ok. A little girl that was watching asked me if I could show her, so after the performance I showed her some moves. She was very cute.

Amazing Race 2008

My team mates before the race

So, the Amazing Race for Cadets was last weekend. If you don't know, the amazing race is an annual competition between the cadet cores in Vernon, Penticton and Kelowna that has been going on since the 50's. It's lots of fun, but also very hard.

This year, the race was a total of 37 kilometers long, with events including shooting, canoeing, repeling with biking and running between the stations.

Here is a picture from the top of the repel station. After repeling we had to run all the way to that lake in the distance, canoe across then bike back up the hill, past the repel site, to the shooting site, then run back to base.


I'm not getting off on the right foot with this blog thing am I?

Well, in my defence a lot has been going on, which I will be posting about in the next few posts.

P.E. Class is going great, only 2 weeks of school left!! For the past week of P.E. we haven't done any biking but we did some archery and went to the beach lots.

Here are some pictures from PE over the last few days

The view of Cousins Bay on a Hike

The guys playing basketball at the beach

The Canoes on the Beach