Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got a job! Yeay!

Thursday, August 27, 2009
I did. At Walmart. It seems a most decent place to work, and its close to the school! Yeay!
I just have to wait for my criminal record check to go through and its all a go.

In other news... well there really isnt any acctually. I love the New Moon prieview that recently came out. Oh, and I can't wait for school to start, im acctually getting pretty bored of sitting around doing nothing all day.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Saturday, August 22, 2009
About time I made the "I'm here!" post...



Its been interesting so far this week. Applying for jobs, checking out the school, meeting up with friends who live here... yuppers...

Not much to talk about really... My room is really nice - go on facebook it see pics, to lazy to put them on here right now.... blah

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer 09

Sunday, August 16, 2009
I didn't know my life could change so much in a single summer. It's been months since I've written and so much has changed!

I'm done High school! still doesn't feel like it though. Grad was amazing, it was a long night (and that's an understatement!). I was going to write here the day after, but life has just been so busy!! After grad I had the DofE journey, then straight off to camp.

Camp was... both amazing and horrible - which is typical of camp. It was a lot of hard work, I was a platoon WO in charge of about 25 cadets in a Cadet Leader Military Band course. Yes, I was in BRAVO! So, while I wasn't in School of Music like I originally wanted, I was still in the music program. I apparently did really well this summer and got recomended to come back as a CSM. Even the STA wants me to come back as the Bravo CSM. Lots of people I knew were at camp and I also met a lot of new friends. I also met an amazing guy. Well, I didn't meet him this year, I met him in 2006 when I did CLI with him, but we never really got to know each other till this year. I had a small crush on him in CLI, and now we are dating. Today is our one month.

He also left this morning, not from base though. We both got PPU's yesterday and got to spend all day with each other but he left this morning to drive back to Grand Prairie with his parents. I cried so much. I'm gonna go up there in October for our birthdays, as his birthday is three days after mine! lol

I move tomorrow to Kamloops! Almost all my stuff is packed but it still doesn't really feel real. I registered today for Orientation day on the 8th, then I start classes on the 9th! It's exciting. I'm also nervous...

I dont even know what else to write about.... I'm sure ill think of something soon

Monday, June 15, 2009


Monday, June 15, 2009
Sitting bored in Peer Tutoring.... there isn't anything to do at all.

The students are just studying for a test, only a few are acctually working on a booklet so it's pretty boring.

English party tomorrow - exam the day after.
Grandma comes today!!
I still need to get together with Serena and watch out old video's from grade 8!!!!
Wow, that will be interesting....
Also will need to start packing after grad.
Shit, there is DofE too!! This is going to be a busy 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

My phone is decorated again. I bought some cheap things from Dollarama but they work really well. Also decorated my ipod, compact and lipgloss with extra gems.

Also got my eyebrows waxed this weekend (not as bad as I thought it would be!) as well as my hair "trimmed" I say trimmed because thats what it was. Thing is, my hair was sooo damaged they had to cut off like 3-4 inches just to get all the split ends. So now it sits right at my shoulders. I love it, it's cute and it holds curls better which will be great for grad. Oh! I seen a perfect picture in a style book at the salon of what i want for grad, exactly! It has the flower and everything! It was a t a different salon so I took a picture with my phone, LMAO.

I'm going to cut it shorter after camp, up to my chin. Not sure which style is will be cut in, but i'll find something.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Monday, June 8, 2009
It's getting closer, I can sense it in the hallways.
English class was pretty interesting today. Everyone was talking about grad.
Whens your hair appointment? Where you getting your nails done. Ect, ect.

11 days till im done high school...
Only 5 years to go after that!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Monday, June 1, 2009
Went to Vancouver this weekend for the Tri-Service Ball. It was a blast!
I left Vernon at 3pm, and got into Coquitlam at 10pm.

Saturday Queenie, Amy and I went to Metrotown to get our nails done.
Me and Amy also walked around a bit, when Queenie had to leave for a funeral.
Went to Sakura media - I was pretty disapointed as I'm not that into Manga and anime figures, ect. The Music collection there was really small and pretty crappy. The Best things they had were DVD Lives of Ayumi's tour from 2007 and the Koda Kumi Black Cherry Album.
They also had the XJAPAN DVD from the reunion concert, but it was hella expensive.. (100$)
We road transit to Tri, it was great. We all met at Hazels, and took the skytrain to downtown van.

Then we took the bus from Brodway station to UBC where it was being held.

Inside was decorated really cool, with a red carpet and everything. Very fitting for the "Hollywood" theme.

It was insanly crowded though, the room was decent for the amount of people, but they used half of it for the coat check and the DJ station so that made very little room for dancing. I felt really sorry for the girls that showed up in long dresses. The pic above was at the begining, from the back of the room.

The Dance went until midnight, then on our way back we almost seen a 7-11 get robbed (!!!)
It was harsh Sunday morning, Queenie's corps had their annual! So many of them were exhausted.

Still, they all did a great job. Band totally cleaned out the awards, all but
1 award went to band kids. Makes sence considering they have one of the best pipe bands in all the BC corps.

It was a great trip, and I am deffinetly going during spring reading break next year. Ill go for much longer though, and go shopping more! haha

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sunday, May 17, 2009
First they thought it was a Kidney Infection again....

Then, they thought it was Kidney stones....

Then they had no fucking clue....

Turns out it was a pulled muscle....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

waaaa! ~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Wohh, It's been a while eh?

I have reasons! Don't bite my head off just yet!!

1) My laptop was broken... again! Stupid dell, I did some updates and dell deleted my harddrive... Joy... I have given up on the additional dell softwear... plain old vista it is! It works a lot better now, much faster... and Sleep mode works.

2) School, duh. This is always a reason though. But it is extra important because it is English 12, so I acctually have to study because I acctually have to try and get an amazing mark. (aiming for 90% but I only need 86%)

3) Plain lazyness. Yup I said it. I havn't been on the computer much at all really. Mostly, sleeping to be honest. I am always feeling tired lately. Like going to bed at 8pm and sleeping through till moring tired. All the late nights over the past 2 years are catching up to me. Better now than crashing when I start university.

Well then... thing that have happened...

Spring Fling was... last weekend? No the weekend before that... first weekend in May. Nelson was cool, lots of crazy people. We didn't win anything, but Kamloops won the overall. I also met Reid Maxwell - #1 Snare Drummer in the WORLD.
Epic, plain Epic.

In English we did an amazing Hamlet Film project. It was AMAZING. We got 21/25 loosing marks because we didn't use a vareity of lighting. Hard in a living room, but that dosn't matter. It was helarious. I'm going to ask Doug to put it on youtube, then I will post it here.

Erm... What else? Not much, sad to say.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Favorite Song ♥

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What I'm Watchin...

Finally started the second Gundam 00 episode. Yea, I said I was going to before, but the internet was messing up so I had to wait. It's pretty amazing so far, though only on like the 7th episode.

I'm also watching Atsu-hime! The 47th Taiga drama! ♥♥♥
Okatsu is so cute, such a rebel! haha

There are a few drama airing now that I want to see, mainly LOVE GAME.
I still have yet to find CeleBry3 subtitled.

Happy Easter

I got chocolate, from my mum. It is pretty good, though there is far to much and will probably still be here come summer. Then it will melt. I hate melted chocolate.

I havn't written in a while, eh?

I finish my term this week, then I start Peer Tutoring and English 12, w00t!

I have the best English teacher in the school too, it will be a pretty amazing term.

Beltane is coming! Soon, only 18 days! Beltane is when the Tuatha de Danann arrived in Ireland, they are the folk fey, also known as faeries. May Eve is their strongest night, maybe if I am lucky I will see one, eh? Saddly it's a thursday, so me and Amanda can't really do anything. I might go for a walk, enjoy the spring night. Might go up to Alexis Park, with a candle and try a ritual.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Slumdog Millionare

Saturday, March 28, 2009
It's pretty much the best movie ever.
End of discussion.
The soundtrack is even amazing - and I am fussy when it comes to movie soundtracks.

Oh, I bought Twilight today - loving the bonus features. *drool* Peter is amazing in all his 35 year old goodness. He pwns Robert, hands down.

Other News

1) I got the AKINA shirt when I got back from Honor Band, its awsome!

2) I have two different kinds of ear infection, one in each ear as well as strep throat. It's great...

3) Going shopping tomorrow for a Civilization Cooking Project for monday, as well as paying off the rest of my dress.

4) Need to meet with Casy sometime this week to play more Duke of E. stuff.

5) Started playing a new MMORPG called Perfect World - It's by far my most favorite I have played yet. I might not acctually get tired of this one.

6) Downloaded the new BoA and Ayu albums - they are both fantastic. BoA's is really upbeat and urban, sounds like the Pussycat Dolls cross breed with Britney Spears, only not so sex focused... I put a video of a Preview of the album below, my Favorites are I Did It For Love, Did Ya, Eat You Up, Scream, and Touched. And yes, Scream is the same song that ANYBAND also covered from the German (?) band Monrose. I also like the English version of Girls on Top, but not as much as the original.

As for the Ayu album, its one of my favorites of hers. My favorite by far is Sparkle, the video is amazing!! I really like the title track NEXY LEVEL as well, its a nice cool off song, not really a ballad but not really that upbeat either. There are only a couple tracks I don't like that much, but I am sure they will grow on me eventually.

To tired to write more... Here's the video:

BoA Album Preview

Ayumi Album Preview

Friday, March 27, 2009

Honor Band

Friday, March 27, 2009
Soo... Almost a week after I get back I FINALLY decide that I should post my journal entries, so here we go!

Friday March 13th 3:12pm

I'm currently on the first of two flights, this one flys to Vancouver. I'm happy because I got window seats on both flights (yeay!). Honer is here, I'm so excited to get there... Not much to write about, though I think I should write in my Creative Writing journal. This plane is really small, only two seats on each side of the aisle and only 12 rows. The clouds are really pretty, it's sunny but still cloudy.


We've been on base for a few hours now, the Vancouver people just arrived. Queenie and Christy are here!! They are in the same room as me, so is Bonneville, the other tenor. I'm in the same room as last year, same bed too! Thats pretty sweet. Queenie has already dumped stuff on my bed. Tomorrow night we are going swimming, then sunday we are going to the IMAX to see a movie. Then on monday we have a party at the canteen like last year. Then it's showtime everyday till next sunday. Pipe Band people are already jamming in the laundry room, gonna go join them.

Saturday March 14th 6:20am

Woke up 20 minutes ago, I'm already ready to go to breakfast. Last night was entertaining, some reg. force guys were marching by and Christ ran to the window yelling, "Cool! Army Boys!!' They heard and did an eyes right just as they passed our window. It was amazing! It's been pretty boring here so far, we havn't really done anything.


Just got back from breakfast, hashbrowns and sausage - the good stuff, yumm. Uren has already called another jam session to take place in 20 minutes, then we head to real practice. It's raining a lot, big suprise there. I miss Vernon's no-rain, but not the cold. It's much warmer here, I can almost walk outside with a T-Shirt, even when it is raining!


At practice, we just got the list for our medley, and already wrote most of the mass band pieces. The set is pretty cool, I will make note to write it down in here later. Oh and I'm NOT PLAYING BASS! Thank Goodness!


Just got back from dinner, getting ready to go swimming. For lunch we went to NADEN mess hall - OMGosh it's even nicer than the workpoint mess hall... and thats sayin something!


Just about time for bed, just finished a practice for the past hour, and some highland dancing also. Really tired and will sleep well tonight! I have two out of the six tunes from the medley memorized, but I still have a long way to go. Bedtime soon. Bleh I only have up to journal # 43 written for Creative Writing. I need 70 by the end of spring break. Man, I feel like I have been here for ages, and it's only been one day.
Lmao, so at the pool there were these, like, 10 year old kids that were doing crazy flips and such off the diving board and totally pwning the guys.

Sunday March 15th 7:26am

Back from breakfast, and once again it was amazing. We can't go to the practice hall untill after 9am so we are stuck practicing here in the barracks until then. It's really windy outside, a cold costal wind too... Brrr
I'm already feeling exhausted ands it's only the second day. We have a long day ahead - we have to learn and write the rest of the medley. Queenie is playing Across the Universe songs on her laptop. I love that movie ♥
I really need to write more for writing...


Don't have much time to write, practice has been crazy!! We are pounding out the last of the tunes and trying to perfect the other ones. Hansen and the guys took Jamies van our for a "joyride" after lunch - lmao. My brain feels fried.


OMGosh it's been a LOOONNGG day! All afternoon everyone was so Blah... We know all the medley, we just suck at the last part, esspecially he jigs. Here is the list finally:
The Sorcerer (Hornpipe)
Campell Town Kiltie Ball (Strathspey)
Asleep at the Wheel (Reel)
La Bome (Slow Air)
Barbara's Jig (Jig)
Donald Willie and his Dog (Jig)
The Panda (Jig)
Also, instead of normal inter. rolls, the drummers are doing the first two lines of the reel as the pipers strike in. It sounds wicked.


Just got back from the IMAX. it was helarious, we watched Madagasgar II. The Pipe Band had soooooo many inside jokes. Shit I got to get to practice!

Monday March 16th 6:35am

Not a good morning so far. I have killer cramps, mixed in with little stress knots in my stomache. I almost have the medley memorized, Asleep at the Wheel is still crappy though. I don't even wanna think about music anymore.


LOONNGGG day.. wow
We've been on instruments pretty much all day. It's already dinner. Party tonight, also Queenies birthday!! Jamie is buying her a cake. Shaun hurt himself running into the door, helarious. Lmao.

Dinner was helarious. Kelly was making gay jokes to Cody the entire time. It's also snowing... O.o Kinda... It's a very wet snow, but it is snow. Not sure when the party is, Pipe Band never gets told the timings. Mill band kids are so loud outside... blah

Tuesday March 17th 6:30am

Fun night last night. Josh Macdonald (from last year) came to visit Queenie for her birthday. Jokes were flying between the pipeband! All we are doing this morning is uniforms, then we are off to Nanimo later this afternoon.
I havn't had much time to write and it sucks. I am still only on journal 46 of 70. Though, I will write more when we travel as we will have a lot more time.

Wendsday March 18th 10:01am

We just left the base about 30 min ago. I'm really tired, we didn't get back till late last night. I don't even know what time.
The performance last night was horible. For the first set, I not only had a terrible headache and craps, but I also had a safty pin stabbing into my stomache from my uniform. That made drumming slightly uncomfortable.
Jessica was there, she loved the show esspecially the pipe band.
Oh, I also fainted on the bus. I was feeling sick and had just run a lot back and forth trying to find Jamies pink mallets. I was loading the bus, then next thing I knew Cody was lifting me off the ground. It was great..... :'(
I think this is the longest entry I have writen since I got here. Being on the bus is relaxing, its a really nice bus too. Its a military issue one, not a rental like we had last night. Last night on the way back was helarious, everyone was so tired and hyped up on energy drinks. Shaun and Mcintire were cuddling on the floor, and now apparently Shaun dosn't even remember.
We are already at the ferrie terminal. the ferries is great, we are having lunch on board and after the ride we get to watch a movie on the bus.

Thursday March 19th 3:32pm

On our way back to the ferrie, it's been a crazy trip. We are watching another movie, not sure which one yet though. Me and Orrik are being sarcastic about how amazing the loading screens are. The Mission show was really good, our best yet, but the Chillawack one today was just funny. Uren ran around the main hall of the curch with the scotish flag yelling FREEDOM!!! Bushard almost killed him, he was sooo pissed...
We still have two shows in Victoria, then we are done. Ooh the movie is Ironman - I havn't seen it yet so I should watch it. Yeay!

Saturday March 21st 10:56am

Forgot to write yesterday. I've been getting sick (yuk). The show in Victoria yesterday was packed, the pressure was on. There was so many officals and high ranking officers there. Even the world champ Piper Jamie Troy was there after meeting the pipers earlier this week! It wasn't our best show, but not the worst either. It was ok.We got to sleep in the past two days, because we only had things planned for the afternoons. We have another show today, but it's just a fundraiser. Cody was helping Christ with her Physics homework and that got the attention of like a bunch of asian mill banders in the hall. Very funny.

Cody was just telling us how Daniel almost killed him today because he found out Cody and Queenie are dating. Lmao

Sunday March 22nd 9:51am

We just took off. We are on west jet this time so there are T.V's to watch. Planets Funniest Animals for the win! I'm excited to get home and sleep... and get some medicine for my dying throat. Blythe won the QUINN award, top Cadet musician in Canada! woot! Daniel got runner up for the P&D one too!

We're landing now - peace out!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fashion Show, Honor Band & Randomness

Thursday, March 12, 2009
1) Grad Fashion Show - It went really well, except the begining. Mr. Smith, the MC thought it started at 7:30 so he was late... But after that everything was perfect! A couple people messed up some walks, but nothing really noticable. It was an exhausting night though, and the change room was REALLY hot... 37 girls changing at once - was pretty crazy.

2) HONOR BAND! I'm all packed and leave tomorrow morning! I'm pretty excited and will report on all the fun stuff when I get back. I bought a journal to write in, as well as my new Creative Writing Journal. Yeay!

3) Randomness. I got Utada's new american CD today, it's pretty epic. Some of the lyrics are like "WTF?" but it's got some great beats and flow. I also downloaded Se7en's new video for GIRLS and it's pretty... gangster, lmao. If i ever see an asian in real life trying to be gangster I swear I will beat them. A least se7en kinda pulls it off. Some of the camera angles make me dizzy though... I was hoping to get BoA's new album before I left, but looks like thats not gonna happen *Cries*
Oh, did I ever mention how much I LOVE the new Kelly Clarkson album? I never really liked much of her stuff in the past, but I liked "My life would suck without you" so I got the album - YEAY it's pretty much amazing. I like at least 90% of the tracks on it, which is suprising to me.

Finally got the picture of my grad dress to work:

Yea, picture sucks, and I look silly... but at least it shows the dress.


Long day tomorrow && I need SLEEP

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sunday, March 8, 2009
I also put the first payment on my grad dress today - it's amazingly beautiful.

My phone is being slightly retarded right now though, so I can't get the picture.
But believe me... it's beautiful! ♥

Grad Photo's

They turned out amazing!!
I am really happy with them,

Here are some other poses

(Yes, those are my books)

(Me and my Mom)

(Jesse, Me, and Jake)

Friday, March 6, 2009


Friday, March 6, 2009
The preview clips for both BoA's new video "I Did It For Love feat. Sean Garrett" and Se7en's video for "GIRLS" have been released.

I nearly died....


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SNSD (Girls Generation) Gee

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
So during my daily music browsing online, I came across something really cool.

So there is this song:

"Gee" by Korean Girl Pop Group SNSD (AKA Girls Generation)

But then I found this!

A classical/traditional Korean Instrumental!
I almost like it better, it sounds so cool!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Fashion show fittings,
Modeling Practices,
Finding a Job,


That is all my life has consisted of for the past week...

Lame... I know

I'll probably post more soon,
the fashion show is next week - and honour band starts that weekend.
Dunno if I am going to take my laptop though, but I'll write in a Journal for sure.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I walk down the busy make-shift street, dragging my feet at a sluggish pace. My freshly pressed uniform smothers me. The harsh rays of the sun beat down on me from directly above. I'm not quite used to the heat. Other Soldiers I don’t know rush past me, nodding a quick greeting before carrying on. Just like me, they are here for their loved ones – their wife, their child, their mother, and their friends. They are who they fight to protect. I study each face, praying silently for their safety.

I reach my destination; a small lounge near the bath houses. The walls are a deep beige canvas, held together with steel bars heated by the sun. It’s a little more crowded than usual, men playing a game of pool and enjoying drinks. I see a group of women laughing over a tabloid magazine I recognize as last month’s issue. In a dimly lit corner I see a group of men and women, still in their dusty uniform, standing out from the rest in the building. They sit around an unbalanced table in metal fold chairs, barely speaking to each other, eyes cast to the ground.
Greetings are simple, but warm. I can feel their stiff tired muscles when we share brief embraces. Two empty chairs are open and I find my place within the group.

Stories are shared. We all know them. Memories of peaceful times at home fill the air around us. Swimming at the lake side cabin. Jumping over the summer campfire. Skipping classes to go snowboarding. We push fake smiles to our faces as we remember these times; they all seem so far away now, so childish.

I glance at the last remaining empty chair, knowing its own story.
Tristan loved snowboarding, I say.
All eyes focus on the empty chair.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Saturday, February 21, 2009

-------------6 years ago----------

1.) How old were you? 11
2.) Where did you go to school? Ellison Elementary
3.) Where did you work? I didn't.
4.) Where did you live? South Vernon
5.) Where did you hang out? At Home
6.) Did you wear glasses? Yes
7.) Who was your best friend? Serena
8.) How many tattoos did you have? None
9.) How many piercings did you have? Just my ears
10.) What car did you drive? I didn't.
11.) Had you been to a real party? No
12.) Had You had your heart broken? no
13.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Single

-------------3 years ago----------

1.) How old were you? 14
2.) Where did you go to school? Clarence Fulton High
3.) Where did you work? A little at the Garden Parlor (2 months)
4.) Where did you live? South Vernon
5.) Where did you hang out? Home ot at friends houses
6.) Did you wear glasses? Yes
7.) Who was your best friend? Serena and Tyler
8.) How many tattoos did you have? None
9.) How many piercings did you have? Just my ears
10.) What car did you drive? Didn't
11.) Had your heart broken? No
12.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Dated for a little while


1.) How old are you? 17
2.) Where do you go to school? Clarence Fulton High
3.) Where do you work? Don't.
4.) Where do you live? Downtown
5.) Where do you hang out? Home
6.) Who is your best friend? Jesse
7.) How many tattoos do you have? None yet.
8.) How many piercings do you have? Just my ears
9.) What car do you drive? Don't
10.) Had your heart broken? Ish?
11.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Single

1 MINUTE AGO: Writing this quiz
1 HOUR AGO: Reading
1 DAY AGO: Grad Photo's / Hang out with Jesse
1 YEAR AGO: I don't know

I LOVE: Culture
I HATE: Steriotypes
I FEAR: Dying
I FEEL: Bored
I HIDE: My Thoughts
I MISS: The good ol' days
I KNOW: Lots
I THINK: To Much

I AM: Stressed
I HAVE: a Cold
I LIKE: Reading
I WISH: I had a Job
I DANCE: Crazy
I CRY: Lots

COLOR: Black, Blue, Pink
DAY(S): Friday, Saturday
MONTH(S): September, October, June, July
SEASON: Summer

GOTTEN SICK?: Still am, kinda
SAID 'I love you'?: no
WRITTEN IN A DIARY?: This? Ya, and my Writing Journal
HAD A SERIOUS TALK?: Yea, with Jesse

_______ Best ________

1. Male Friend: Jesse
2. Female Friend: Lindsay
3. Best Age: 20
4. Best Memory: Many

_______ Worst ________

1. Time Of Day: Morning
2. Day Of The Week: Monday
3. Food: Veggetables
4. Memory: I've repressed it.

_______ Last ________

1. Person you saw: My Sister?
2. Talk on the phone: Jesse
3. Person you kissed: Grayson
4: Instant Msg: Casy
5. Big car ride: Kelowna? Salmon Arm?
6. Movie seen in theaters: Twilight
7. Food consumed: Yogurt
8. Person you texted: Jesse
9. CD played: Heart Station
10. Drink: Orange Soda

_______ First ________

1. Kiss: Don't remember
2. Serious b/f or g/f: Steve
3. Job: Garden Parlor
4. Piercing: Ears
5. Credit card: n/a

_______ Today ________

1. What are you doing now: Listening to Music
2. Tonight: Chores & Writing
3. Wearing: Grad sweats and tank top
4. What did you eat for lunch: Nothing

_______ Tomorrow ________

1. Is: Sunday
2. Got any plans: Nope
3. Goal: Writing complete chapter of Selene, at least in rough
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: Mom will try to get me to go to church
5. Likes about tomorrow: No school

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Past few Years

Friday, February 20, 2009
So, here I am, trying to write a story that I have an AMAZING idea for - but of course I am stuck on how to start it... I remembered something I wrote last year, and tried to find it, and came across my OLD blog. I started reading it and thinking about all the things I had to write about. It seems my life has completely flipped since then.

-I had a boyfriend, Steve. It was good at first but then I suppose he lost interest because of being 14 hours away. Lame, he's the only boyfriend I ever introduced to my Parents.
- I was fighting with Jesse, and Jake... and pretty much didn't have many friends.
- I was getting low marks in school.
- Not much Confidence
- Not to many worries outside of boys, friends, grades and cadets.

All in all, It was a pretty depressing point socially. Looking back I sound so.... innocent?

- No Boyfriend... nada, zip, zilch. I like someone, but that is never gonna happen. He knows I like him but he lives in the next town over... and dosn't like me that way. So that was dead before it even started.
- Me and Jesse are friends again, but we've grown up. He's living with his boyfriend in Salmon Arm so we don't talk as much.
- My marks are quite good, sitting at an A average all this year.
- I have a lot more confidence, at least I think so. I have times where I'm down but I know what I want, know what I have to do to get it, and know I can do whatever it takes.
- LOTS of worries, all those from then, plus finding an apartment in Kamloops, getting a job, paying tuition, graduation... and the list goes on!

Wonder what the next year will bring? Where will I be? Kamloops? I hope so, but what I don't go? Where will I be? Sitting here in the same spot?

I am hoping to start a new blog when I move, as it will feel like a bug fresh start for me. Not only am I starting university and moving, I'm going to try and break a lot of bad habits too. So, expect a post this summer directing you to my new blog.

Of course thats granted I get the money... bah I dont want to think about that tonight :(

Forgoten note:

I won that La Carmina contest!
I won a really cute shirt designed by Australian Designer Akina

Grad Photo's

Got them done today.
Also got to see Jesse! We went out for lunch.
I got the typical ones in the grad gown,
as well as me with my favorite books, one with my mom, and one with Jake and Jesse.
I can't wait to see how they turned out!

Speaking of books, I'm reading a really good one; A Great and Terrible Beauty.
Takes place in 1890's London, about a girl and her encounters with magic and other realms while studying at a ladies finishing school due to her mothers death after growing up in India all her life.
Because of this book, I have neglected to watch any more than 2 episodes of gundam.

I am so tired, and will sleep very well tonight - It's a long weekend too!!
Lucky me!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gundam 00

Sunday, February 15, 2009
So I started watching this Anime last fall when the first season came out, but of course, as the episodes grew harder and harder to find, I gave up.

Now the new season is airing in Japan, and due to 1) explaining the show to a friend at school; and 2) listening to both the openings and endings on youtube - I have gained an interest in the show again.

Now - the biggest question was where to find all the episodes...

Well, thanks to some kind people at crunchyroll, they shared a link to where I can watch all the episodes.

So I'm starting from the begining, as I forget a lot of the first season's story.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sick (ya, what else is new?)

Saturday, February 14, 2009
So I'm sick again... Head cold this time
So I won't be writing much as my head feels like it is going to explode.

No word back from ORA on getting the job... I really hope I did - training aparently starts on tuesday there.

I need to write 5 journal entries by monday for creative writing - I probably won't as not feeling well dosn't make for great ideas to write about.

Oh yea, Valentines Day sucks

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Modeling/Fashion Show

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Started practices for the Grad Fashion show today. I get to model for this high-fashion store that is considered "coture" as all the clothes are hand made. Jeans there go for about $200-$500 each!


The set is pretty sweet too, gonna be tricky to walk up and down stairs and try not to trip and fall on my face... that would be plesant!

Oh and about the job interview - it went pretty good I suppose. I'll know for sure when I get a call saying I got the job. (fingers crossed!!)
If I don't hear from them by next tuesday, I know I didn't make it. Thats when they are starting training...
So yea, I'll have to miss cadets... again... because I didn't go this week... because I have KILLER CRAMPS

I swear, they are out to get me...

Monday, February 9, 2009

La Carmina - Reader Appreciation Week - Enter to Win!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009
I've been reading La Carmina's blog for a long time now, admiring her take on Japanese fashion and seeing what is new and different idea's to try.
Well this week is her reader appreciation week, and she is giving away some sweet prizes!!
So go to her blog, and enter quick!

Contest ends Febuary 15th (SO GO!!....... NOW!!)

Oh, and this is my first time mentioning this site on my blog - it's really a cute site. Carmina is a writer with a couple cute and interesting books coming out, and her take on alternative fashion is great. It's a great blog for browsing, just for the sake of browsing. A must check out for sure!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Wednesday, February 4, 2009
So I got a call today from the place I had an interview at on Monday... and they want me back for a second interview next monday!!!

This is the best news I've heard in over 3 months, I really need this job.


Decided that I'm probably gonna quit soon - esspecially if I do get this job. I will make more working 8 hrs a day than I would at camp.

I would totally choose camp over a summer job if money wasn't an issue - but university isn't gonna be cheap and I have no idea how many scholarships I'm gonna be able to get so if I have the chance to make more money I need to take it.

I really don't want to get a shit load of student loans - that would suck

But, I'm still not fully decided yet, it depends on if I get this job or if I can get another one soon. Then I'll have to see if they will hire me FULL TIME over the summer... 4 hours a day will be pointless and I might as well go to camp.

I'm so sleepy but I need to finish my short story by thursday (EEK!!) and I only have like half the first copy done (SHIT!!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Job Interview & New Classes

Monday, February 2, 2009
Just got back from one, for a restaurant called "ORA" in the Prestige Inn. It seemed to go well, but I guess i'll find out if I get a phone call this week for a call-back.

Band tonight, bleh. I probably won't do much. In fact I'll take my journal and see if it can figure out a short story.

Oh yea, New classes started today. Creative Writing 12 and Civilizations 12 - both seem to be pretty fantastic classes so far!

In Writing we did some silent reading, journal exercizes and did a cool meet & greet where we had to sit and talk with people we didn't know. I talked with a classmate Melissa first, and found out she loves country and is a farm girl at heart, even though she chills a lot with the preppy-rap-sporty crowd. I also talked with a guy named Nolan, found out his parents are from Belgium but he was born in Argentina and has traveled A LOT. With him he asked me a lot about me, mostly about my trip to mexico. Last, I talked to DJ - a Nigerian exchange student. He told me that I would get good english teaching jobs in Africa. He also told me he would remember my name easy because Its a common name in Nigeria (COOL!!)
For homework in writing i have to have a short story finished by thursday. Its cus I'm in the first "group" - there are 3 groups and every week, every person in each group will present a finished piece of work. I might do a narrative or discriptive piece instead.

Civ was boring today, but thats mostly because we were just doing basic starter things like "what is civilization" "what makes history, history?" ect ect
But the teacher i have for that class "dosen't believe in homework" which is great >.<

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Sunday, February 1, 2009
Almost finished watching Innocent Love! ♥
It's definitely a roller coaster drama. I'm really happy for Kanon and Junya one minute, then I'm crying my eyes out for her! The last episode I seen ended so well - I love the Junya & Kanon paring but I can't help but feel sad for the way Kiyoka got upset when she finally remembered about Junya. The next episode is the finale and it looks like a tear-jerker. From what I have seen of the "next time on..." was that Kiyoka commits suicide by jumping off a building at Junya & Kanon's wedding but Junya breaks her fall. Dunno what happens to him but it shows him lying there with blood all around him and Kanon freaking out...

I can't decide which drama to watch next. Mei-chan no Shitsuji and Love Shuffle are on my watch list, but they are only just starting to air in Japan so it will be a while before I watch them yet. I started watching Aishiteru to Itte Kure but not really getting that into it, so it will be more of one I watch on the side...

I'm thinking maybe First Kiss (with Inoue Mao) or Rookies (with a BUNCH of hot guys).

I also REALLY need to find the new season of Code Geass R2 and Gundam 00 - both I haven't been watching since like last spring o.O

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tired of Studying

Thursday, January 29, 2009
I soo sick of studying - I have been for the past 6 hours... BLAH

So Nolan was found guilty, so now he's got alot of crap on his plate, including house arrenst and being listed as a sex offender for like 10 years... We havn't gotten to hang out yet, but Casy is working tonight so at 11 I'm gonna go over there and we'll all chill in the lobby for a bit.

Provincial tomorrow - I'm not too worried, I found out I got 85% on my in-class exam and my teacher told me what I should focus on. I've pretty much gone over everything again though.

A good night sleep will also be helping me, so I'm not gonna be able to stay at the hotel for long. :(

But, when I get the $1000 dollars at grad, it will be well worth cutting a visit short.

Casy and Darcy came over to my house while we waited to hear from Nolan - Casy was going on and on about having all the stuff we need for when we move to kamloops (Cups, Plates, Pots, livingroom stuff, ect)

I need a break from studying...
I should go play sims

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Took my Geography 12 in-class exams today, and it wasn't too bad - easier than I expected. My hand hurt for like 20 minutes after, considering my essay at the end was like 4 pages long...

Oh, and I was not even done the exam for a whole 5 minutes when someone pulled the fire drill. All the other classes were still in exams LOL

So yea, the fire truck came (2 acctually) and we got to stand around in the snow for 20 minutes... with no jackets...


Tomorrow a friend from camp, Nolan Stewart, is in town for court (he got sent home this summer for "flirting with a underage girl" - I choose not to take sides as I don't know the whole story). My, Casy and Darcy are gonna meet up with him and hang out, as I don't have school tomorrow and won't know what I need to study until the afternoon/evening.

I also need to pick up my criminal record check from the police station... Stupid Office hours being ONLY from 8-4 which means there is NO WAY I could have picked it up after school... oh and it's closed on weekends... grrr

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Magikal Journal

Sunday, January 25, 2009
I think I'm gonna start my own Magikal Journal to help with my studies.
Though I need to find a book to write it in, typing dosn't seem right to me.

Soon I'll start my book of shadows too, once I start writing my own charms and spells.

Der Weekender

Boring weekend, again...
What was to be expected?

I was sick on Wednesday, tried to go to school on thrusday and ended up coming hom sick after lunch, and was sick on friday too. It started as a MAJOR headache and turned to a migrain then I started to get sick to my stomach, though that was probably just from the migrain. Bleh

So I spent my time studing for my geo exam thats on Wednesday, with the provincial on Friday.

Tomorrow I'll be doing pretty much the same thing... oh and going downtown to the library & to drop off some resumes.

Still no luck on getting a job, which kinda fails...

Watched Miss America tonight was pretty sweet...
Simpsons is on now, the Hurrican Episode >.<

Umm yurr...
blogging is boring when life fails >.<

Oh, full moon on monday night, think thats when I'm gonna do my purification ritual and make my charm bag for the exams. Wonder what I should use as my charm? I'll have to look up different herbs & charms tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Oh yea
Underworld comes out on Friday

Thank god for movie gift certficates
Though Jesse can't go until next weekend...

I dunno if I can wait that long


Ancient Greece

We picked out theme for grad - Ancient Greece
It will be great, I make some epic toga's.
Pink ones.
With pretty broaches and sweet sandals.


Got grad gear today also. My sweater is super fuzy.
It's awsome.
The sweat pants are a little baggy, but they will shrink in the wash I am sure.

I should be doing my geolab right now, but I am feeling rather lazy
I've been studing straight since like 6pm

Exams are in a week
My provincial for geo is in 9 days
at least I'm holding a good 85% in the class so far...
I just need to get 86 on the provincal and I'm set

Got a bunch of new Visual Kei music today
some great bands like HERO, 176BIZ, D=OUT, and heidi.
also got some Emilie Autumn music put into my phone

ooh - My new ringtone is "Misery Buisness" by Paramore
I want people to call me so I can ignore them and just listen to the ring tone >.<

Oh - I need to remember to pre-order the Twilight DVD when I get the $100 back from SCIDES. Apparently these has never been as much demand expected for a DVD since Titanic.
Also lots of release parties... also not since Titanic.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Need a Job & a Date for Grad

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Well I only really NEED a job, as I have a date for grad, but the person I'm going with isn't the person I REALLY want to ask - just a cheap replacement so to speak.

Of course I can't ask him, because I know he doesn't like me back - doesn't stop me from dreaming.....

I went job seeking again today - and used my Claire's gift card while I was at the mall. There was a 10 for $10 sale going on so I got A LOT of stuff. Feels nice to pamper myself - especially when I'm not really spending any money (or at least mine...)

It's exam week this week - I'm so NOT getting above 86 on my geo test like I need... fuck...

My life is like a Roller Coaster....

Did I mention I hate roller coasters?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thursday, January 15, 2009
I got my acceptance letter from TRU today!!
They sent me all my info for reviewing courses and all that fun stuff.
I wasn't really worried about getting accepted - but now I at least know for sure I am going

Well, if I can come up with $6000 by August....
I need a job...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I suck at blogs....

Saturday, January 10, 2009
Well, I suck at updating this one anyway - LMAO
Its because I don't usually have anything interesting to write, because my life is lame...

Well, New Years was a BLAST - Jesse and Amanda got Jake high (he wanted to try it) and it was soooooo FUNNY! He wasn't tripping out really bad, but he was rambling about the most random things and would change topics lots. Very entertaining.
Other than laughing at Jake all night, we played video games (Little Big Planet was AWSOME - even funnier when we got Jake to play) and watched the countdown. We also watched some TV - mostly south park. All-in-all a very chill evening.

School started on Monday - which was decent. Geography has been kinda boring but its all most over. Then I get to start my 2 most FAVORITE classes!!!! Writing and World Civilizations!! SCORE
Words cant even describe how excited I am

I'm dropping my Literature course - I wanna get a job and it just takes so much of my time. I could do it if it was a course at school, but having it on top of my full course load at school, while being in cadets, Volunteering at the recreation center AND trying to get a job - there is no way I will stay sane while doing it. It's just not top on my priorities right now, and I don't really need the course that much now anyway...

Oh yea - Volunteering! Yesterday I went with Jake to this "Aqua Percepts" thing that he volunteers for. I was talking with the lady in charge, and I'm gonna start volunteering there too! It's on Fridays for 1-2 hours right after school. It's really fun.
Aqua Percepts works with "Socially Challenged" kids. They are all different; some have ADD, autism, tourette's, or bipolar disorder, ect; some have a mix of those and others; and some are undiagnosed. We play with them in the gym for a little bit, and then go into the pool to help them learn to swim and play games. Basically the goal is to build their confidence and help them learn good social interactions.

Anyway~ thats pretty much my life since my last post.

Oh - and I seriously need a job....