Saturday, January 10, 2009

I suck at blogs....

Saturday, January 10, 2009
Well, I suck at updating this one anyway - LMAO
Its because I don't usually have anything interesting to write, because my life is lame...

Well, New Years was a BLAST - Jesse and Amanda got Jake high (he wanted to try it) and it was soooooo FUNNY! He wasn't tripping out really bad, but he was rambling about the most random things and would change topics lots. Very entertaining.
Other than laughing at Jake all night, we played video games (Little Big Planet was AWSOME - even funnier when we got Jake to play) and watched the countdown. We also watched some TV - mostly south park. All-in-all a very chill evening.

School started on Monday - which was decent. Geography has been kinda boring but its all most over. Then I get to start my 2 most FAVORITE classes!!!! Writing and World Civilizations!! SCORE
Words cant even describe how excited I am

I'm dropping my Literature course - I wanna get a job and it just takes so much of my time. I could do it if it was a course at school, but having it on top of my full course load at school, while being in cadets, Volunteering at the recreation center AND trying to get a job - there is no way I will stay sane while doing it. It's just not top on my priorities right now, and I don't really need the course that much now anyway...

Oh yea - Volunteering! Yesterday I went with Jake to this "Aqua Percepts" thing that he volunteers for. I was talking with the lady in charge, and I'm gonna start volunteering there too! It's on Fridays for 1-2 hours right after school. It's really fun.
Aqua Percepts works with "Socially Challenged" kids. They are all different; some have ADD, autism, tourette's, or bipolar disorder, ect; some have a mix of those and others; and some are undiagnosed. We play with them in the gym for a little bit, and then go into the pool to help them learn to swim and play games. Basically the goal is to build their confidence and help them learn good social interactions.

Anyway~ thats pretty much my life since my last post.

Oh - and I seriously need a job....

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