Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 Days!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Yup! Only 4 days untill I will be back on the millitary base!

I'm pretty excited!

I went shopping with my mom today to buy things I needed for the first few weeks of trainning before I get paid.Ya know, the basics: notebook, pens, paper, bathroom stuff, shower stuff, & I also got a new Bathing suit!

Cute huh? I love the colors!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Boring....

Sunday, June 22, 2008
So, Fate/Stay Night I just can't get into.. It's one of the ones I wish I was more interested in... but I'm just not liking it..

So... I'm finally downloading Gokusen, and hope to finish all 3 season by the end of the summer.

I can do it!

Life, like Fate/Stay Night, is sooo boring right now...

I have no school, most of my friends are either working, on vacation, or to far away for me to visit. It's going to be a boring week getting ready for camp..

I did go to the movies last night though, it was really good. "Don't Mess With the Zohan" is a hilarious movie!

But anyway, I wouldn't expect to many posts from me.. unless its about gokusen or something just as trivial.

P.S. At the movies, the Twilight trailer played before the movie! >.<
I can't wait!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mabel Lake & History Exams

Friday, June 20, 2008
I missed posting thursday & earlier today, so I guess I better post now!

Thursday I slept all morning, then studied for most of the afternoon. When my sister got home from school I walked over to Casy's house, and we chilled for a little bit. Then we walked to her mom's work, to drive to Blythe's.

We also picked up these two girls, friends of Blythe that live near vernon that needed a ride. They are sisters, and they are very nice. Britany is a little insane, but her older sister Chelsea is realy cool.

The road driving to Blythe's is CRAZY! Its really winding, and has lots of sharp turns. I was carring teh cupcakes that casy made on my lap, and it was really funny. Everyone was laughing at me because i was trying so hard not to drop them!

We stopped at Blythes house and picked her and another of her friends up, then we drove to her cabin. There we made a campfire down on the beach & went swiming a little. The water was freezing, I only went in up to my waist.

It was supposed to be a sleepover at her cabin, but I had to leave that night because I had an exam this morning, so Casy's mom drove me home about 10pm.

This morning my exam went pretty well I think, it was easy to answer the questions. On one of the essays though I didn't explain things very well so I think i lost marks on that. But thats ok! I am sure that I passed!

Anyway, I was supposed to go on a double date tonight, but that got cancelled because of driving issues... but we are all meeting at the movies tomorrow to watch a movie then hang out after.

I'm starting to watch this newer anime STAY/FATE NIGHT. Someone suggested it to me, so i decided to check out the first ep, and it seems good so far. Not as good as code geass though... (im still waiting for the next ep)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Day of School!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Yeay! Summer is here!

I went to school today for the last day! Looks like my P.E. teacher won't fail me either! Which is good, because if he did it would be unfair because I was sick.

I took a practice exam today for socials class, and I got 91% so I am sure I will do fine on friday for my exam! Yeay!

Tomorrow evening, I am going to my friend Blythe's house for her birthday. It's supposed to be a sleepover, but I have an exam in the morning on friday so I can't stay the night.

On friday, I have my exam, then I go to get my new glasses during the afternoon. After that I am supposed to be going out with Grayson, my Boyfriend, and my best friend Jesse and his boyfriend (yes, Jesse is gay, but that just makes him even more cool).

After that, I guess its just going to be a relaxing weekend, then its on to getting ready for staff all next week.

I plan on taking my laptop to camp, so I will me taking lots of pictures and posting lots while I am there.

I'm sooo excited to see all my friends again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've posted alot today.. huh?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
So yea, I'm caught up on all the released episodes of Code geass R2, so now its a matter of waiting untill new episodes are released... *cries*

I'm looking for something new to watch though, so suggestions are always welcome. I'm willing to try just about any anime or drama, though its not guaranteed that I'll like it (see previous post about anime themes). I was thinking of re-watching Gundam Wing, my first anime ever, but with code geass... I'm starting to get sick of to much mecha already. So, I'm thinking that I'll watch Wing this fall, after I get my fix of dark/magical anime through this summer. So I'm thinking.... Vampire Knights? Or maybe I'll finally watch xxxHolic like I was going to a while back... not sure yet though..

As for drama... I'm trying to get the last episodes of last friends.. but until then I might try to find Full House & re-watch it.. I love that drama ^^

I'm feeling better, so I will be going to school tomorrow for my last day befor exams... hopfully I didn't miss too much new material in socials; not that i'll really have a chance to catch up as tomorrow is the last day in class.... though I have a really high mark in that class so I'm not worried. P.E. on the other hand, I might acctualy fail if my teacher counts these past few days as the "3 strikes, your out" rule... because I was sick & my parents called in so I think it shouldn't count... Though there is a chance he might still fail me... stupid teachers...

I fell asleep earlier today so I'm not tired at all.... and its like midnight.. bah soo bored.. might go play sims2 quietly...

Oh... that bastard!

Yes... more about Code Geass..

So turns out Lulu is ok, but his memories were erased my his dad (Emperor of Britania) who has a Geass to control memories...

So now Lulu has forgoted his past (that he was royalty) and also forgets his sister, but she is replaced by this other guy, who Lulu has been tricked to think is his brother but is really part of the millitary and also had a geass! His geass it to somewhat control time... crazy power indeed.

But its all ok, because in the first episode C.C. & Karen make Lulu remember that he is Zero and the Black Knights are back in action... though not as much as they were before because the Britianian government knows lulu is zero, but they still think he dosn't remember any of it.. but he is always being monitored & turns out he is bait to get at C.C!

This show is sooo intence!

Anyway, in real news..
I'm sick.. thats why iI have all this boring free time to watch this anime so quickly (already on the 6th episode of R2).. and why I have nothing else to post about -_-;

No?! It can't be!

So, about my previous post.. I had just watched the last ep of Code Geass...

It ended... with no ending? Suzaku & Zero where face to face, Zero had taken off his mask & Karen was there also so she knew who Zero was..

Anyway, Zero & Suzaku both pull guns and you hear a gun shot.... but it never shows who was killed..


I watch the first like 30 seconds of Code Geass R2... and it says Zero had been "executed" so.... he died?

NOO! He was kick ass! I don't want stupid Britania to win!!


Anyway, I'm addicted soooooo bad right now... so im gonna go watch this....



Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh my...

Monday, June 16, 2008
There was just a scene on CODE GEASS of this chick from the school... umm..."pleasing herself" with one of the princess's pictures o_O

I knew this show had swear words in it... but... that? o_O

It was pretty obvious that was what the girl was doing too.... im mean like... as obvious as you can get without showing to much...

This is going to be a pretty interesting show...

More Code Geass & Anime themes

Yes, I'm officaly addicted to this show! I'm already almost half done CODE GEASS! I'm on the 11th episode out of 25 and have only been watching it for like 2 days now..

This is turning out to probably become one of my fave anime, along with Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Gundam 00 & Cardcaptor Sakura..

My anime-likeing dosn't make any sence at all.. I like some girly ones.. but not all that many... It's the same with mecha anime, I like some.. but not all. In fact many girly anime are just stupid.. and some mecha ones make no sence to me at all. I seem to like most love-story type anime... but again there are some that I just HATE.

I don't like many of the "popular" anime... like Naruto, Bleach, ect. Infact I essecialy hate Naruto & Bleach, their just so trivial and stupid.. Don't know why people are such big fans of it.

FMA is a so-so, Its not interesting enough for me to acctualy watch more than a few episodes.. but it dosn't make me wanna gag like Naruto or Bleach do..

Fruit Baskets used to be on my "If I ever see any more of this anime I will puke" list.. But I think I'm starting to have a small likeing to it.. Still havn't been able to make it past like the 2nd ep.. but it dosn't make me wanna puke anymore.

/anime rant

Whats with summer and me always getting really into anime & drama's this time of year? Must be the bordom of the end of the school year....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Music

Sunday, June 15, 2008
New Music && Songs I'm addicted to!


THAT my friends.. is a really good song.. and I would have discovered it sooner if I acctualy watched Gokusen 3 like I was planning too or acctualy checked MTV Japan regularly...

It's just SOOO catchy.. *dances more & sings along*
I'm acctualy hooked on alot of Aqua Timez songs now.. downloaded a bunch and so far like them all...

Also USHER's new song "Love in This Club" is... well amazingly catchy! (this comming from someone who hates most rap/R&B)

OH! And the brand new NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK MV "Summertime" is really good too! Love the song, even if I'm not originaly a fan of the boys.

Other songs I'm currently Addicted to:

  • 4 Minutes - Madonna
  • Baiscaly the ENTIRE Utada Hikaru "Heart Station" album
  • Break the Ice - Britney Spears

Code Geass

Pretty boring sunday...

Basicaly I spent the day cleaning, chatting on msn, surfing the net, watching Anime, and doing a little homework...

I'm finally starting to watch CODE GEASS now. Just started it today, I'm about 5 episodes into it. So far its REALLY good! Zero is kinda an ass to alot of people... he has a harsh way of doing things... though if it saves Japan from Britania...

After I finish this, I'll watch CODE GEASS R2, which is still airing in Japan I think... so I will probably have to wait for the episodes...

I'm stilll waiting for episode 5+ of LAST FRIENDS to be translated & subtitled... I have attempted to watch it without the subtitles, but my Japanese is only so good.... *cries*

I don't know what I'll watch after that... but watching those 3 will probably take me untill the end of the summer, depending on how much longer I have to wait for the Subs.. So i'll probably end up just watching nothing, or maybe watching something over again untill the fall drama's start to air.. That is unless I decided to watch one of the summer drama's....

That reminds me... I have to see WHAT the summer drama line up is... oops guess I should do that soon...


*Sigh* No line-up posted on Tokyograph yet... will have to check in a week or so...

But I did discover that GLAY is touring the US! But there is only going to be 3... all in Cali in August... *smacks head against wall* DAMMIT! I can't go *cries*

What a tease...

Anyway... I will have to find out about those summer drama's... There is usualy a really good line up for the summer.

OH! And I'm hoping that someone gets the Hana Yori Dango Movie Subtitled by the end of the summer.. Christmas at the latest! When I go to Edmonton for the holidays, I want to watch it with Lindsay.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ashcroft Parade

Saturday, June 14, 2008
So today I woke up bright and early to get ready for a parade in Ashcroft....

For those that don't know, I'm part of the Shushwap Pipe Band. I havn't mentioned it yet on here because I havn't been going to practices because i've either been to busy monday nights, or can't get a ride in.

So 6am rolls around and I roll out of bed. By 7am Ian (an older piper who lives near me) picks me up and we drive to Kelly's house to pick up Paula (Kelly is my old Cadet Band officer who is a snare drummer for the band, Paula is an ex-sea cadet who also plays snare for the band). Then we drive, 3 hours, to Ashcroft... It's a long fricken drive...

We acctualy arrive early though, and go for a quick breakfast at a bakery then meet the others at the parade start site. Thankfully it was really nice out today, last year it poured rain. In fact, it was really hot today in Ashcroft.
The parade was a gong show... we had to walk half way across town before there was acctualy any people to play for.. but once we got to where the people were, it was pretty good. I seen a friend from school, an exchange student from japan. She was there with her host family.

After the parade we had lunch at the legion, then played with the Kamloops band. After that, the members of out band met up at the local Dairy Queen and had ice cream. Some ladies stopped us when we were in line and asked me and paula for a picture! Haha that was entertaining.. I also seen my friend from honour band there! Turns out she knew Paula as well because they went to Camp together. So we hung out for a bit, it was fun.

Then it was back to home. Amazingly we were on the road home by 1pm. Last year we didn't leave Ashcroft untill like 230pm!

Now, I'm at home relaxing & debating whether I should start studing...

Of course, me in a rush this morning, trying to iron my uniform.... I forgot my camera so I have no pictures *cries*

Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Word..... AMAZING!

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Biking Down the Trail

So this weekend was... the Kettle Valley Trail Bike Ride with the cadet core! And man was it amazing!!

For those who don't know what the Kettle Valley Trail is...

The Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) is a historic railway that operated in the Thompson-Okanagan region of southern British Columbia.
It opened in 1915 and was abandoned in portions beginning in 1961, with the final segment falling into disuse in 1989.
Much of the railway's original route has been converted to a multi-use recreational trail, known as the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, which carries the Trans-Canada Trail through this part of British Columbia.

Taken from Wikipedia

Anyway, here's the Play-by-play:

So friday night we were dropped off at the armouries. We packed up out bikes, set up our sleeping area's and basicaly chilled. The sucky part was that the armouries had NO RUNNING WATER! So we had to drag buckets of water from the building across the parking lot into the armouries to flush the toilets & wash up. Before bed, the cadets watched a movie (Meet the Spartans) but I was kinda mad because the movie kept me and Casy awake until midnight....

Saturday we were up bright & early at 5:15am and got packed & ready for the day. We had breakfast, then loaded the bus to drive to our starting point. We were at our starting point & ready to take off by 9:00am! Thats really early!

We started with the Myra Canyon Provincial Park Trail, and got to go over all the tressles. For those reading my blog from out of the Okanagan/Canada, there was a really big fire in this whole area about 5 years ago. "Really Big" don't even begin to properly describe the size of this fire... Over 25,000 hectares of forest burnt up! I remember having ashes falling here in vernon, and we live a good hour and a half away from where the fire was!

Click Here for a picture someone took of the fire from Kelowna across the lake from where the fire was burning. Yes, that is a realy picture... crazy huh? I have pictures below of the area's where the fire hit. The burnt tree's are still there, 5 years later.. but you can see the new bush and forest slowly growing in! Thats very good!

Anyway, after biking a good 35 kilometers, we stopped for lunch at Chute lake. Lunch was military rations... but I was happy I got something I liked! After lunch we carried on, though the Naramata Section of the Kettle Valley Trail.

The Naramata section is another 50 kilometers, and took us from about 1:00pm until 7:oopm, including stopping for injuries, water, snacks and breaks. By the time we finished, we were just outside of Penticton. Then we loaded back onto the bus and drove back to Vernon (2 hour drive... if your speeding!).

Once we got back to Vernon, we basicaly chilled & relaxed. There was a BBQ for dinner, though it was really late (like 9:oopm) then we also prepared skits. The Jr.'s skit was... strange and I don't think any of the sr.'s or officers knew what was going on... but I guess thats what made it funny! The Sr.'s skit was a spoof of "Little Red Ridding Hood" and "The Three Little Pigs" mixed together. The cadets again watched a movie.. and again I was pretty mad.. because as it was, by the time we were done eating & the skits.. it was already like 11:30pm.. but yea.. I did eventually fall asleep anyway.

Today (sunday) we got to sleep in a little (like 8:00am) then we had to have breakfast and get ready to go home... but not me and Haywood.. Instead we got to get into our uniforms and drive to Sicamous to play for their core's ACR. I was really tired, but really happy I got to see my friends from Penticton, who met us there. The Parade went really good too! So that was a bonus! We also all went to D-Dutchmen Dairy for ice cream afterwards.

That was when we said goodbye to Penticton though, and left for home..

What an eventfull weekend huh? Sad thing is that I could not get many pictures as I forgot my memory card at home! (I know.. I'm stupid!) But I did take some while Biking..


The Tressles across Myra Canyon

The longest Tressle

View of Penticton from the Naramata section of the Trail

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Wednesday, June 4, 2008
So yea, still not getting the hang of the blogging thing... but again I have an excuse..

The past 2 days I have gone to bed really early... like 7pm early.. when I usualy don't even think about going to bed untill at least 11-12pm... so yea
And the time before I went to bed the past few days has either been used to 1) clean my room or 2) catch up on homework


So today we started working on our World War 2 projects in socials class. We have to pick one topic about WW2 thats important to canadian history, and another that is just about WW2 in general.

Im doing the "Battle of the Gothic Line" and "Warfront in Japan"

Battle of the Gothic Line
I havn't done much reasearch on this one yet, but I already know that basicaly it was the allied forces (England, USA, France, Canada, ect) who went to Italy, took over Sicily, then moved onto mainland and worked there way up, pushing germany & the Facist Party out of Italy. The Gothic Line was a really important battle at a barrier that the German forces had set up just north of Rome, all the way acoss Italy. My Regiment (the British Columbia Dragoons) where one of the few Regiments that were able to break the German line. My regiment spicificaly took down MANY German "Tigers" which were very tough tanks, that were said to be "impossible to beat" accoding to Britian and France.. (Sound like a Vimy Ridge incident to you? I think so too.)

Warfront in Japan
Havn't done any reseach on this one yet, but im basicaly doing it on the fire bombing of Tokyo, and the Atomic Bomb droppings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think these (esspecialy the latter) are really important about WW2 because its when the nuclear warfare begins in our world. Well that and it made WW2 finaly end (though it was over in Europe for a while before the bombings)

Oh and Im doing it because I also think American's are assholes.. they shouldn't have done that to Japan... though Japan was stupid for stating it all with Pearl Harbor and all that jazz...

Anyway, I'm rambling now...

Oh and in other news, the Kettle Vally Bike ride for cadets is this weekend!!!! Lindsay is comming down from Alberta for it, and she's staying at my house...
(Lindsay has been like my Best friend for like... years.. we're like sisters!)
And afte the bike ride, me and Blythe (Haywood) might ditch and go meet Cody (Hansen) and Jesse (Robson) from the Penticton core and drive to Blythe's house for sleeping saturday night, so we can dive to Sicamous sunday to play at their ACR. It's because we're bandies.. and we are just THAT COOL!

Haha j/k but its gonna be a blast :P

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Annual Ceremonial Review

Sunday, June 1, 2008
My 4 year service medal

My ACR was on Tuesday, and It went really well! I played in the band, and thankfully we didn't mess up except at one point I dropped my Tenor Drum!! That wasn't good as it was VERY loud!

As for awards, I recieved the award for "Top Field Cadet", which means I was the top cadet when we go camping, ect.
I also got my 4 year service medal (ass seen above).

After the parade the band played some songs and I also did highland dancing. It went really well but I did mess up the last 2 moves on the highland dancing. I don't think anyone noticed though, so it was ok. A little girl that was watching asked me if I could show her, so after the performance I showed her some moves. She was very cute.

Amazing Race 2008

My team mates before the race

So, the Amazing Race for Cadets was last weekend. If you don't know, the amazing race is an annual competition between the cadet cores in Vernon, Penticton and Kelowna that has been going on since the 50's. It's lots of fun, but also very hard.

This year, the race was a total of 37 kilometers long, with events including shooting, canoeing, repeling with biking and running between the stations.

Here is a picture from the top of the repel station. After repeling we had to run all the way to that lake in the distance, canoe across then bike back up the hill, past the repel site, to the shooting site, then run back to base.


I'm not getting off on the right foot with this blog thing am I?

Well, in my defence a lot has been going on, which I will be posting about in the next few posts.

P.E. Class is going great, only 2 weeks of school left!! For the past week of P.E. we haven't done any biking but we did some archery and went to the beach lots.

Here are some pictures from PE over the last few days

The view of Cousins Bay on a Hike

The guys playing basketball at the beach

The Canoes on the Beach