Friday, June 20, 2008

Mabel Lake & History Exams

Friday, June 20, 2008
I missed posting thursday & earlier today, so I guess I better post now!

Thursday I slept all morning, then studied for most of the afternoon. When my sister got home from school I walked over to Casy's house, and we chilled for a little bit. Then we walked to her mom's work, to drive to Blythe's.

We also picked up these two girls, friends of Blythe that live near vernon that needed a ride. They are sisters, and they are very nice. Britany is a little insane, but her older sister Chelsea is realy cool.

The road driving to Blythe's is CRAZY! Its really winding, and has lots of sharp turns. I was carring teh cupcakes that casy made on my lap, and it was really funny. Everyone was laughing at me because i was trying so hard not to drop them!

We stopped at Blythes house and picked her and another of her friends up, then we drove to her cabin. There we made a campfire down on the beach & went swiming a little. The water was freezing, I only went in up to my waist.

It was supposed to be a sleepover at her cabin, but I had to leave that night because I had an exam this morning, so Casy's mom drove me home about 10pm.

This morning my exam went pretty well I think, it was easy to answer the questions. On one of the essays though I didn't explain things very well so I think i lost marks on that. But thats ok! I am sure that I passed!

Anyway, I was supposed to go on a double date tonight, but that got cancelled because of driving issues... but we are all meeting at the movies tomorrow to watch a movie then hang out after.

I'm starting to watch this newer anime STAY/FATE NIGHT. Someone suggested it to me, so i decided to check out the first ep, and it seems good so far. Not as good as code geass though... (im still waiting for the next ep)


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