Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Favorite Song ♥

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What I'm Watchin...

Finally started the second Gundam 00 episode. Yea, I said I was going to before, but the internet was messing up so I had to wait. It's pretty amazing so far, though only on like the 7th episode.

I'm also watching Atsu-hime! The 47th Taiga drama! ♥♥♥
Okatsu is so cute, such a rebel! haha

There are a few drama airing now that I want to see, mainly LOVE GAME.
I still have yet to find CeleBry3 subtitled.

Happy Easter

I got chocolate, from my mum. It is pretty good, though there is far to much and will probably still be here come summer. Then it will melt. I hate melted chocolate.

I havn't written in a while, eh?

I finish my term this week, then I start Peer Tutoring and English 12, w00t!

I have the best English teacher in the school too, it will be a pretty amazing term.

Beltane is coming! Soon, only 18 days! Beltane is when the Tuatha de Danann arrived in Ireland, they are the folk fey, also known as faeries. May Eve is their strongest night, maybe if I am lucky I will see one, eh? Saddly it's a thursday, so me and Amanda can't really do anything. I might go for a walk, enjoy the spring night. Might go up to Alexis Park, with a candle and try a ritual.