Monday, June 15, 2009


Monday, June 15, 2009
Sitting bored in Peer Tutoring.... there isn't anything to do at all.

The students are just studying for a test, only a few are acctually working on a booklet so it's pretty boring.

English party tomorrow - exam the day after.
Grandma comes today!!
I still need to get together with Serena and watch out old video's from grade 8!!!!
Wow, that will be interesting....
Also will need to start packing after grad.
Shit, there is DofE too!! This is going to be a busy 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

My phone is decorated again. I bought some cheap things from Dollarama but they work really well. Also decorated my ipod, compact and lipgloss with extra gems.

Also got my eyebrows waxed this weekend (not as bad as I thought it would be!) as well as my hair "trimmed" I say trimmed because thats what it was. Thing is, my hair was sooo damaged they had to cut off like 3-4 inches just to get all the split ends. So now it sits right at my shoulders. I love it, it's cute and it holds curls better which will be great for grad. Oh! I seen a perfect picture in a style book at the salon of what i want for grad, exactly! It has the flower and everything! It was a t a different salon so I took a picture with my phone, LMAO.

I'm going to cut it shorter after camp, up to my chin. Not sure which style is will be cut in, but i'll find something.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Monday, June 8, 2009
It's getting closer, I can sense it in the hallways.
English class was pretty interesting today. Everyone was talking about grad.
Whens your hair appointment? Where you getting your nails done. Ect, ect.

11 days till im done high school...
Only 5 years to go after that!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Monday, June 1, 2009
Went to Vancouver this weekend for the Tri-Service Ball. It was a blast!
I left Vernon at 3pm, and got into Coquitlam at 10pm.

Saturday Queenie, Amy and I went to Metrotown to get our nails done.
Me and Amy also walked around a bit, when Queenie had to leave for a funeral.
Went to Sakura media - I was pretty disapointed as I'm not that into Manga and anime figures, ect. The Music collection there was really small and pretty crappy. The Best things they had were DVD Lives of Ayumi's tour from 2007 and the Koda Kumi Black Cherry Album.
They also had the XJAPAN DVD from the reunion concert, but it was hella expensive.. (100$)
We road transit to Tri, it was great. We all met at Hazels, and took the skytrain to downtown van.

Then we took the bus from Brodway station to UBC where it was being held.

Inside was decorated really cool, with a red carpet and everything. Very fitting for the "Hollywood" theme.

It was insanly crowded though, the room was decent for the amount of people, but they used half of it for the coat check and the DJ station so that made very little room for dancing. I felt really sorry for the girls that showed up in long dresses. The pic above was at the begining, from the back of the room.

The Dance went until midnight, then on our way back we almost seen a 7-11 get robbed (!!!)
It was harsh Sunday morning, Queenie's corps had their annual! So many of them were exhausted.

Still, they all did a great job. Band totally cleaned out the awards, all but
1 award went to band kids. Makes sence considering they have one of the best pipe bands in all the BC corps.

It was a great trip, and I am deffinetly going during spring reading break next year. Ill go for much longer though, and go shopping more! haha