Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008
South Vernon, from "The Ridge"

Took that picture when we took a rest while biking in my Outdoor Adventure class today. We biked up the "The Ridge" which is a new housing development way up the valley. Long bike and lots of up hill but it was really beautiful!

Otherwise it's been a pretty average day so far..

Socials was fun, we got to play an online WWI game as if we were a british soldier.. and how long we would last.. (I would have a 85% survival chance!)

Tonight.. I don't have anything planned, though I need to get ahold of Mcpl. Lang so we can go over music for my cadet annual ceremonial review parade on Tuesday... which I need to write & memorize 3 new pieces of music for.... *sigh*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Post..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Today I finally decided to start this blog, which I have been planning to do for just over a month now. So I guess its about time, huh?

About me.... well not much to say about me that you won't discover by reading this blog, but I guess I can write a little about me here for the first post..

Name is Cheyanne, right now I'm in grade 11, but the year will be over soon then its off to grade 12!
I enjoy many different things. Some of my top favorite pass times right now are Army Cadets, watching Asian drama's, listening to music, and I'm also trying to get back into writing more.

So.. on to the blogging!
This blog will be kinda like a diary.. just more public. I'll write about everyday things, as well as things that really interest me like a new drama, or a new song I really like.

Today was kinda boring. I have Outdoor Adventure and Social Studies for the rest of the year, half a day long classes each (that's the way my school works). For the first part of the day, the whole school had to watch a video about drugs and addiction, then my Outdoor Adventure class did some bike maintenance.
Over the long weekend, the school basement (where out class keeps out bikes & other gear) got broken into. Some bikes were stolen, but thankfully mine only had the tired slashed, so I spent the rest of the morning fixing them.
Socials was fun, were starting the history portion of the course and we are starting right at WWI. It's cool because I already know lots about it because of Army Cadets, and I'm also really interested... I love History!

Also my Socials class raised over $175 today at a bake sale. We're fundraising to donate to a relief group for the earthquake in China. It's important to my class and my school because we have many Chinese exchange students studying here, and many are in my class.