Monday, June 16, 2008

More Code Geass & Anime themes

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yes, I'm officaly addicted to this show! I'm already almost half done CODE GEASS! I'm on the 11th episode out of 25 and have only been watching it for like 2 days now..

This is turning out to probably become one of my fave anime, along with Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Gundam 00 & Cardcaptor Sakura..

My anime-likeing dosn't make any sence at all.. I like some girly ones.. but not all that many... It's the same with mecha anime, I like some.. but not all. In fact many girly anime are just stupid.. and some mecha ones make no sence to me at all. I seem to like most love-story type anime... but again there are some that I just HATE.

I don't like many of the "popular" anime... like Naruto, Bleach, ect. Infact I essecialy hate Naruto & Bleach, their just so trivial and stupid.. Don't know why people are such big fans of it.

FMA is a so-so, Its not interesting enough for me to acctualy watch more than a few episodes.. but it dosn't make me wanna gag like Naruto or Bleach do..

Fruit Baskets used to be on my "If I ever see any more of this anime I will puke" list.. But I think I'm starting to have a small likeing to it.. Still havn't been able to make it past like the 2nd ep.. but it dosn't make me wanna puke anymore.

/anime rant

Whats with summer and me always getting really into anime & drama's this time of year? Must be the bordom of the end of the school year....

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