Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've posted alot today.. huh?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
So yea, I'm caught up on all the released episodes of Code geass R2, so now its a matter of waiting untill new episodes are released... *cries*

I'm looking for something new to watch though, so suggestions are always welcome. I'm willing to try just about any anime or drama, though its not guaranteed that I'll like it (see previous post about anime themes). I was thinking of re-watching Gundam Wing, my first anime ever, but with code geass... I'm starting to get sick of to much mecha already. So, I'm thinking that I'll watch Wing this fall, after I get my fix of dark/magical anime through this summer. So I'm thinking.... Vampire Knights? Or maybe I'll finally watch xxxHolic like I was going to a while back... not sure yet though..

As for drama... I'm trying to get the last episodes of last friends.. but until then I might try to find Full House & re-watch it.. I love that drama ^^

I'm feeling better, so I will be going to school tomorrow for my last day befor exams... hopfully I didn't miss too much new material in socials; not that i'll really have a chance to catch up as tomorrow is the last day in class.... though I have a really high mark in that class so I'm not worried. P.E. on the other hand, I might acctualy fail if my teacher counts these past few days as the "3 strikes, your out" rule... because I was sick & my parents called in so I think it shouldn't count... Though there is a chance he might still fail me... stupid teachers...

I fell asleep earlier today so I'm not tired at all.... and its like midnight.. bah soo bored.. might go play sims2 quietly...

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