Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh... that bastard!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Yes... more about Code Geass..

So turns out Lulu is ok, but his memories were erased my his dad (Emperor of Britania) who has a Geass to control memories...

So now Lulu has forgoted his past (that he was royalty) and also forgets his sister, but she is replaced by this other guy, who Lulu has been tricked to think is his brother but is really part of the millitary and also had a geass! His geass it to somewhat control time... crazy power indeed.

But its all ok, because in the first episode C.C. & Karen make Lulu remember that he is Zero and the Black Knights are back in action... though not as much as they were before because the Britianian government knows lulu is zero, but they still think he dosn't remember any of it.. but he is always being monitored & turns out he is bait to get at C.C!

This show is sooo intence!

Anyway, in real news..
I'm sick.. thats why iI have all this boring free time to watch this anime so quickly (already on the 6th episode of R2).. and why I have nothing else to post about -_-;

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