Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Wednesday, June 4, 2008
So yea, still not getting the hang of the blogging thing... but again I have an excuse..

The past 2 days I have gone to bed really early... like 7pm early.. when I usualy don't even think about going to bed untill at least 11-12pm... so yea
And the time before I went to bed the past few days has either been used to 1) clean my room or 2) catch up on homework


So today we started working on our World War 2 projects in socials class. We have to pick one topic about WW2 thats important to canadian history, and another that is just about WW2 in general.

Im doing the "Battle of the Gothic Line" and "Warfront in Japan"

Battle of the Gothic Line
I havn't done much reasearch on this one yet, but I already know that basicaly it was the allied forces (England, USA, France, Canada, ect) who went to Italy, took over Sicily, then moved onto mainland and worked there way up, pushing germany & the Facist Party out of Italy. The Gothic Line was a really important battle at a barrier that the German forces had set up just north of Rome, all the way acoss Italy. My Regiment (the British Columbia Dragoons) where one of the few Regiments that were able to break the German line. My regiment spicificaly took down MANY German "Tigers" which were very tough tanks, that were said to be "impossible to beat" accoding to Britian and France.. (Sound like a Vimy Ridge incident to you? I think so too.)

Warfront in Japan
Havn't done any reseach on this one yet, but im basicaly doing it on the fire bombing of Tokyo, and the Atomic Bomb droppings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think these (esspecialy the latter) are really important about WW2 because its when the nuclear warfare begins in our world. Well that and it made WW2 finaly end (though it was over in Europe for a while before the bombings)

Oh and Im doing it because I also think American's are assholes.. they shouldn't have done that to Japan... though Japan was stupid for stating it all with Pearl Harbor and all that jazz...

Anyway, I'm rambling now...

Oh and in other news, the Kettle Vally Bike ride for cadets is this weekend!!!! Lindsay is comming down from Alberta for it, and she's staying at my house...
(Lindsay has been like my Best friend for like... years.. we're like sisters!)
And afte the bike ride, me and Blythe (Haywood) might ditch and go meet Cody (Hansen) and Jesse (Robson) from the Penticton core and drive to Blythe's house for sleeping saturday night, so we can dive to Sicamous sunday to play at their ACR. It's because we're bandies.. and we are just THAT COOL!

Haha j/k but its gonna be a blast :P

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