Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ancient Greece

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
We picked out theme for grad - Ancient Greece
It will be great, I make some epic toga's.
Pink ones.
With pretty broaches and sweet sandals.


Got grad gear today also. My sweater is super fuzy.
It's awsome.
The sweat pants are a little baggy, but they will shrink in the wash I am sure.

I should be doing my geolab right now, but I am feeling rather lazy
I've been studing straight since like 6pm

Exams are in a week
My provincial for geo is in 9 days
at least I'm holding a good 85% in the class so far...
I just need to get 86 on the provincal and I'm set

Got a bunch of new Visual Kei music today
some great bands like HERO, 176BIZ, D=OUT, and heidi.
also got some Emilie Autumn music put into my phone

ooh - My new ringtone is "Misery Buisness" by Paramore
I want people to call me so I can ignore them and just listen to the ring tone >.<

Oh - I need to remember to pre-order the Twilight DVD when I get the $100 back from SCIDES. Apparently these has never been as much demand expected for a DVD since Titanic.
Also lots of release parties... also not since Titanic.

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