Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tired of Studying

Thursday, January 29, 2009
I soo sick of studying - I have been for the past 6 hours... BLAH

So Nolan was found guilty, so now he's got alot of crap on his plate, including house arrenst and being listed as a sex offender for like 10 years... We havn't gotten to hang out yet, but Casy is working tonight so at 11 I'm gonna go over there and we'll all chill in the lobby for a bit.

Provincial tomorrow - I'm not too worried, I found out I got 85% on my in-class exam and my teacher told me what I should focus on. I've pretty much gone over everything again though.

A good night sleep will also be helping me, so I'm not gonna be able to stay at the hotel for long. :(

But, when I get the $1000 dollars at grad, it will be well worth cutting a visit short.

Casy and Darcy came over to my house while we waited to hear from Nolan - Casy was going on and on about having all the stuff we need for when we move to kamloops (Cups, Plates, Pots, livingroom stuff, ect)

I need a break from studying...
I should go play sims

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