Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Took my Geography 12 in-class exams today, and it wasn't too bad - easier than I expected. My hand hurt for like 20 minutes after, considering my essay at the end was like 4 pages long...

Oh, and I was not even done the exam for a whole 5 minutes when someone pulled the fire drill. All the other classes were still in exams LOL

So yea, the fire truck came (2 acctually) and we got to stand around in the snow for 20 minutes... with no jackets...


Tomorrow a friend from camp, Nolan Stewart, is in town for court (he got sent home this summer for "flirting with a underage girl" - I choose not to take sides as I don't know the whole story). My, Casy and Darcy are gonna meet up with him and hang out, as I don't have school tomorrow and won't know what I need to study until the afternoon/evening.

I also need to pick up my criminal record check from the police station... Stupid Office hours being ONLY from 8-4 which means there is NO WAY I could have picked it up after school... oh and it's closed on weekends... grrr

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