Sunday, January 25, 2009

Der Weekender

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Boring weekend, again...
What was to be expected?

I was sick on Wednesday, tried to go to school on thrusday and ended up coming hom sick after lunch, and was sick on friday too. It started as a MAJOR headache and turned to a migrain then I started to get sick to my stomach, though that was probably just from the migrain. Bleh

So I spent my time studing for my geo exam thats on Wednesday, with the provincial on Friday.

Tomorrow I'll be doing pretty much the same thing... oh and going downtown to the library & to drop off some resumes.

Still no luck on getting a job, which kinda fails...

Watched Miss America tonight was pretty sweet...
Simpsons is on now, the Hurrican Episode >.<

Umm yurr...
blogging is boring when life fails >.<

Oh, full moon on monday night, think thats when I'm gonna do my purification ritual and make my charm bag for the exams. Wonder what I should use as my charm? I'll have to look up different herbs & charms tonight or tomorrow.

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