Monday, December 29, 2008


Monday, December 29, 2008
Christmas was ok, I got some sweet stuff. Gift card for Claires, some SIMS2 expansion packs, and some makeup stuff. I got Hello Kitty stuff from Casy and Lindsay, and a HK Calender from my Mom.

New Years I;m going to Jesse's house - I finally get to go out!

Though tonight I'm going to see Twilight again with my sister & cousin, but that dosn't really count...

I've been sick with a damn head cold that won't go away now since Christmas... :(
I think it's starting to go away though... (I hope...)

I've basically been spending my days writing, doing school work or chatting online - pretty lame really

Oh and I might start making Sailor Moon AMV's again soon :D
Alot of people on youtube and other places online have been asking me to make some new ones so yea ~

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