Monday, February 2, 2009

Job Interview & New Classes

Monday, February 2, 2009
Just got back from one, for a restaurant called "ORA" in the Prestige Inn. It seemed to go well, but I guess i'll find out if I get a phone call this week for a call-back.

Band tonight, bleh. I probably won't do much. In fact I'll take my journal and see if it can figure out a short story.

Oh yea, New classes started today. Creative Writing 12 and Civilizations 12 - both seem to be pretty fantastic classes so far!

In Writing we did some silent reading, journal exercizes and did a cool meet & greet where we had to sit and talk with people we didn't know. I talked with a classmate Melissa first, and found out she loves country and is a farm girl at heart, even though she chills a lot with the preppy-rap-sporty crowd. I also talked with a guy named Nolan, found out his parents are from Belgium but he was born in Argentina and has traveled A LOT. With him he asked me a lot about me, mostly about my trip to mexico. Last, I talked to DJ - a Nigerian exchange student. He told me that I would get good english teaching jobs in Africa. He also told me he would remember my name easy because Its a common name in Nigeria (COOL!!)
For homework in writing i have to have a short story finished by thursday. Its cus I'm in the first "group" - there are 3 groups and every week, every person in each group will present a finished piece of work. I might do a narrative or discriptive piece instead.

Civ was boring today, but thats mostly because we were just doing basic starter things like "what is civilization" "what makes history, history?" ect ect
But the teacher i have for that class "dosen't believe in homework" which is great >.<

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