Friday, February 20, 2009

The Past few Years

Friday, February 20, 2009
So, here I am, trying to write a story that I have an AMAZING idea for - but of course I am stuck on how to start it... I remembered something I wrote last year, and tried to find it, and came across my OLD blog. I started reading it and thinking about all the things I had to write about. It seems my life has completely flipped since then.

-I had a boyfriend, Steve. It was good at first but then I suppose he lost interest because of being 14 hours away. Lame, he's the only boyfriend I ever introduced to my Parents.
- I was fighting with Jesse, and Jake... and pretty much didn't have many friends.
- I was getting low marks in school.
- Not much Confidence
- Not to many worries outside of boys, friends, grades and cadets.

All in all, It was a pretty depressing point socially. Looking back I sound so.... innocent?

- No Boyfriend... nada, zip, zilch. I like someone, but that is never gonna happen. He knows I like him but he lives in the next town over... and dosn't like me that way. So that was dead before it even started.
- Me and Jesse are friends again, but we've grown up. He's living with his boyfriend in Salmon Arm so we don't talk as much.
- My marks are quite good, sitting at an A average all this year.
- I have a lot more confidence, at least I think so. I have times where I'm down but I know what I want, know what I have to do to get it, and know I can do whatever it takes.
- LOTS of worries, all those from then, plus finding an apartment in Kamloops, getting a job, paying tuition, graduation... and the list goes on!

Wonder what the next year will bring? Where will I be? Kamloops? I hope so, but what I don't go? Where will I be? Sitting here in the same spot?

I am hoping to start a new blog when I move, as it will feel like a bug fresh start for me. Not only am I starting university and moving, I'm going to try and break a lot of bad habits too. So, expect a post this summer directing you to my new blog.

Of course thats granted I get the money... bah I dont want to think about that tonight :(

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