Saturday, March 28, 2009

Other News

Saturday, March 28, 2009
1) I got the AKINA shirt when I got back from Honor Band, its awsome!

2) I have two different kinds of ear infection, one in each ear as well as strep throat. It's great...

3) Going shopping tomorrow for a Civilization Cooking Project for monday, as well as paying off the rest of my dress.

4) Need to meet with Casy sometime this week to play more Duke of E. stuff.

5) Started playing a new MMORPG called Perfect World - It's by far my most favorite I have played yet. I might not acctually get tired of this one.

6) Downloaded the new BoA and Ayu albums - they are both fantastic. BoA's is really upbeat and urban, sounds like the Pussycat Dolls cross breed with Britney Spears, only not so sex focused... I put a video of a Preview of the album below, my Favorites are I Did It For Love, Did Ya, Eat You Up, Scream, and Touched. And yes, Scream is the same song that ANYBAND also covered from the German (?) band Monrose. I also like the English version of Girls on Top, but not as much as the original.

As for the Ayu album, its one of my favorites of hers. My favorite by far is Sparkle, the video is amazing!! I really like the title track NEXY LEVEL as well, its a nice cool off song, not really a ballad but not really that upbeat either. There are only a couple tracks I don't like that much, but I am sure they will grow on me eventually.

To tired to write more... Here's the video:

BoA Album Preview

Ayumi Album Preview

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