Friday, March 27, 2009

Honor Band

Friday, March 27, 2009
Soo... Almost a week after I get back I FINALLY decide that I should post my journal entries, so here we go!

Friday March 13th 3:12pm

I'm currently on the first of two flights, this one flys to Vancouver. I'm happy because I got window seats on both flights (yeay!). Honer is here, I'm so excited to get there... Not much to write about, though I think I should write in my Creative Writing journal. This plane is really small, only two seats on each side of the aisle and only 12 rows. The clouds are really pretty, it's sunny but still cloudy.


We've been on base for a few hours now, the Vancouver people just arrived. Queenie and Christy are here!! They are in the same room as me, so is Bonneville, the other tenor. I'm in the same room as last year, same bed too! Thats pretty sweet. Queenie has already dumped stuff on my bed. Tomorrow night we are going swimming, then sunday we are going to the IMAX to see a movie. Then on monday we have a party at the canteen like last year. Then it's showtime everyday till next sunday. Pipe Band people are already jamming in the laundry room, gonna go join them.

Saturday March 14th 6:20am

Woke up 20 minutes ago, I'm already ready to go to breakfast. Last night was entertaining, some reg. force guys were marching by and Christ ran to the window yelling, "Cool! Army Boys!!' They heard and did an eyes right just as they passed our window. It was amazing! It's been pretty boring here so far, we havn't really done anything.


Just got back from breakfast, hashbrowns and sausage - the good stuff, yumm. Uren has already called another jam session to take place in 20 minutes, then we head to real practice. It's raining a lot, big suprise there. I miss Vernon's no-rain, but not the cold. It's much warmer here, I can almost walk outside with a T-Shirt, even when it is raining!


At practice, we just got the list for our medley, and already wrote most of the mass band pieces. The set is pretty cool, I will make note to write it down in here later. Oh and I'm NOT PLAYING BASS! Thank Goodness!


Just got back from dinner, getting ready to go swimming. For lunch we went to NADEN mess hall - OMGosh it's even nicer than the workpoint mess hall... and thats sayin something!


Just about time for bed, just finished a practice for the past hour, and some highland dancing also. Really tired and will sleep well tonight! I have two out of the six tunes from the medley memorized, but I still have a long way to go. Bedtime soon. Bleh I only have up to journal # 43 written for Creative Writing. I need 70 by the end of spring break. Man, I feel like I have been here for ages, and it's only been one day.
Lmao, so at the pool there were these, like, 10 year old kids that were doing crazy flips and such off the diving board and totally pwning the guys.

Sunday March 15th 7:26am

Back from breakfast, and once again it was amazing. We can't go to the practice hall untill after 9am so we are stuck practicing here in the barracks until then. It's really windy outside, a cold costal wind too... Brrr
I'm already feeling exhausted ands it's only the second day. We have a long day ahead - we have to learn and write the rest of the medley. Queenie is playing Across the Universe songs on her laptop. I love that movie ♥
I really need to write more for writing...


Don't have much time to write, practice has been crazy!! We are pounding out the last of the tunes and trying to perfect the other ones. Hansen and the guys took Jamies van our for a "joyride" after lunch - lmao. My brain feels fried.


OMGosh it's been a LOOONNGG day! All afternoon everyone was so Blah... We know all the medley, we just suck at the last part, esspecially he jigs. Here is the list finally:
The Sorcerer (Hornpipe)
Campell Town Kiltie Ball (Strathspey)
Asleep at the Wheel (Reel)
La Bome (Slow Air)
Barbara's Jig (Jig)
Donald Willie and his Dog (Jig)
The Panda (Jig)
Also, instead of normal inter. rolls, the drummers are doing the first two lines of the reel as the pipers strike in. It sounds wicked.


Just got back from the IMAX. it was helarious, we watched Madagasgar II. The Pipe Band had soooooo many inside jokes. Shit I got to get to practice!

Monday March 16th 6:35am

Not a good morning so far. I have killer cramps, mixed in with little stress knots in my stomache. I almost have the medley memorized, Asleep at the Wheel is still crappy though. I don't even wanna think about music anymore.


LOONNGGG day.. wow
We've been on instruments pretty much all day. It's already dinner. Party tonight, also Queenies birthday!! Jamie is buying her a cake. Shaun hurt himself running into the door, helarious. Lmao.

Dinner was helarious. Kelly was making gay jokes to Cody the entire time. It's also snowing... O.o Kinda... It's a very wet snow, but it is snow. Not sure when the party is, Pipe Band never gets told the timings. Mill band kids are so loud outside... blah

Tuesday March 17th 6:30am

Fun night last night. Josh Macdonald (from last year) came to visit Queenie for her birthday. Jokes were flying between the pipeband! All we are doing this morning is uniforms, then we are off to Nanimo later this afternoon.
I havn't had much time to write and it sucks. I am still only on journal 46 of 70. Though, I will write more when we travel as we will have a lot more time.

Wendsday March 18th 10:01am

We just left the base about 30 min ago. I'm really tired, we didn't get back till late last night. I don't even know what time.
The performance last night was horible. For the first set, I not only had a terrible headache and craps, but I also had a safty pin stabbing into my stomache from my uniform. That made drumming slightly uncomfortable.
Jessica was there, she loved the show esspecially the pipe band.
Oh, I also fainted on the bus. I was feeling sick and had just run a lot back and forth trying to find Jamies pink mallets. I was loading the bus, then next thing I knew Cody was lifting me off the ground. It was great..... :'(
I think this is the longest entry I have writen since I got here. Being on the bus is relaxing, its a really nice bus too. Its a military issue one, not a rental like we had last night. Last night on the way back was helarious, everyone was so tired and hyped up on energy drinks. Shaun and Mcintire were cuddling on the floor, and now apparently Shaun dosn't even remember.
We are already at the ferrie terminal. the ferries is great, we are having lunch on board and after the ride we get to watch a movie on the bus.

Thursday March 19th 3:32pm

On our way back to the ferrie, it's been a crazy trip. We are watching another movie, not sure which one yet though. Me and Orrik are being sarcastic about how amazing the loading screens are. The Mission show was really good, our best yet, but the Chillawack one today was just funny. Uren ran around the main hall of the curch with the scotish flag yelling FREEDOM!!! Bushard almost killed him, he was sooo pissed...
We still have two shows in Victoria, then we are done. Ooh the movie is Ironman - I havn't seen it yet so I should watch it. Yeay!

Saturday March 21st 10:56am

Forgot to write yesterday. I've been getting sick (yuk). The show in Victoria yesterday was packed, the pressure was on. There was so many officals and high ranking officers there. Even the world champ Piper Jamie Troy was there after meeting the pipers earlier this week! It wasn't our best show, but not the worst either. It was ok.We got to sleep in the past two days, because we only had things planned for the afternoons. We have another show today, but it's just a fundraiser. Cody was helping Christ with her Physics homework and that got the attention of like a bunch of asian mill banders in the hall. Very funny.

Cody was just telling us how Daniel almost killed him today because he found out Cody and Queenie are dating. Lmao

Sunday March 22nd 9:51am

We just took off. We are on west jet this time so there are T.V's to watch. Planets Funniest Animals for the win! I'm excited to get home and sleep... and get some medicine for my dying throat. Blythe won the QUINN award, top Cadet musician in Canada! woot! Daniel got runner up for the P&D one too!

We're landing now - peace out!

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