Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fashion Show, Honor Band & Randomness

Thursday, March 12, 2009
1) Grad Fashion Show - It went really well, except the begining. Mr. Smith, the MC thought it started at 7:30 so he was late... But after that everything was perfect! A couple people messed up some walks, but nothing really noticable. It was an exhausting night though, and the change room was REALLY hot... 37 girls changing at once - was pretty crazy.

2) HONOR BAND! I'm all packed and leave tomorrow morning! I'm pretty excited and will report on all the fun stuff when I get back. I bought a journal to write in, as well as my new Creative Writing Journal. Yeay!

3) Randomness. I got Utada's new american CD today, it's pretty epic. Some of the lyrics are like "WTF?" but it's got some great beats and flow. I also downloaded Se7en's new video for GIRLS and it's pretty... gangster, lmao. If i ever see an asian in real life trying to be gangster I swear I will beat them. A least se7en kinda pulls it off. Some of the camera angles make me dizzy though... I was hoping to get BoA's new album before I left, but looks like thats not gonna happen *Cries*
Oh, did I ever mention how much I LOVE the new Kelly Clarkson album? I never really liked much of her stuff in the past, but I liked "My life would suck without you" so I got the album - YEAY it's pretty much amazing. I like at least 90% of the tracks on it, which is suprising to me.

Finally got the picture of my grad dress to work:

Yea, picture sucks, and I look silly... but at least it shows the dress.


Long day tomorrow && I need SLEEP

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