Tuesday, May 12, 2009

waaaa! ~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Wohh, It's been a while eh?

I have reasons! Don't bite my head off just yet!!

1) My laptop was broken... again! Stupid dell, I did some updates and dell deleted my harddrive... Joy... I have given up on the additional dell softwear... plain old vista it is! It works a lot better now, much faster... and Sleep mode works.

2) School, duh. This is always a reason though. But it is extra important because it is English 12, so I acctually have to study because I acctually have to try and get an amazing mark. (aiming for 90% but I only need 86%)

3) Plain lazyness. Yup I said it. I havn't been on the computer much at all really. Mostly, sleeping to be honest. I am always feeling tired lately. Like going to bed at 8pm and sleeping through till moring tired. All the late nights over the past 2 years are catching up to me. Better now than crashing when I start university.

Well then... thing that have happened...

Spring Fling was... last weekend? No the weekend before that... first weekend in May. Nelson was cool, lots of crazy people. We didn't win anything, but Kamloops won the overall. I also met Reid Maxwell - #1 Snare Drummer in the WORLD.
Epic, plain Epic.

In English we did an amazing Hamlet Film project. It was AMAZING. We got 21/25 loosing marks because we didn't use a vareity of lighting. Hard in a living room, but that dosn't matter. It was helarious. I'm going to ask Doug to put it on youtube, then I will post it here.

Erm... What else? Not much, sad to say.

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