Saturday, August 16, 2008

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 29th

Saturday, August 16, 2008
This morning was really retarded… I woke up late… my uniform was CRAP and I felt really sick… we were supposed to have this afternoon off… but the FOXTROT kids had to come up for their music orientation so the staff cadets had to be there this afternoon… though it was very interesting.

I spent most of the boring parts of the day explaining all of Sailor Moon to the girls. It was very interesting…. I was surprised they were interested… Dez was VERY interested… she was on the edge of her seat a lot of the time as I explained what happened in all the seasons.

Casy has been pretty upset today too… she found out her Grandpa died last night so she’s been crying on and off. I hope she will be ok L

Ok so at the moment Alex and Christy had to move their bunk around… of course they tried to just move the mattresses’ around rather than just remake their bunk… it just made more work for them…. So hilarious and so typical of them.

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