Saturday, August 16, 2008

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 30th

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Today has been pretty good… again I had a bad wake-up call because I was feeling really sick and I have had a headache most of the day but otherwise it’s been great!

Found out this morning that Brandon might be going home on a Personal RTU… that would be wicked… I’d rather Steven (a snare that was put with ECHO because Brandon took his spot) to Brandon any day. Also Matt wrote his Memorandum to take me to mess today and handed it in. His “task” is that he must learn how to play tenor, or at least be able to do 4 flourishes… it’s because in his memo his three reasons why he wants to take me to mess are as follows (in his words):

1) My only alternative to Sgt. Bardsley is Sgt Ho and boys are just icky
2) Awkward silences are awkward… and there would be no silence between Sgt. Bardsley and myself,
3) Who isn’t amused by flying fuzzy mallets?

So hilarious! J That last one is the reason behind his tasking; Capt. Pratt was basically like “oh it’s amusing huh? Let’s see you do it then…!”
After dinner I was hanging with Matt and teaching him the flourishes that he has to do… he has to do a “single,” “Split the Feather,” “Butterfly,” and the “Pinwheel”. He has them all basically down except the butterfly… which is that hardest of the list.
Tomorrow is the basic grad parade practice (yes it’s that time once again!) so we have to play for that tomorrow morning… that’s going to be interesting because our base drummer is going on leave because his grandfather died a few weeks ago L
It should be an interesting day though… we also get paid at midnight tonight! J

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