Saturday, August 16, 2008

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – August 13th

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Well I have missed a few days….

So McIssac asked me to mess on the 6th, it was really cute. CI Boose told me I had to meet him in Couttes Common that evening because he had to evaluate me on teaching a private lesson. So I went… well in the middle of teaching my class I hear singing behind me….

“Bardsley won’t you go… Bardsley won’t you go…. Oh Bardsley won’t you go to mess with him…”

It was the Mill. Band CI’s singing a barbershop quartet! McIssac stood behind them till they were done. I loved it because it was so original!

Mess was on the 9th, after the parade in Penticton. We got back late… so we only had 20 minutes to get ready…. Which made a lot of the BRAVO and School of Music female staff very angry, but we made it in time… and I must say I looked very good for only having 20 minutes to get ready!
Mess went great! Dinner was good, not the best but better than mess hall food, and the dinner didn’t take too long. We had a really long dance, over 3 hours long, which was much better than last year’s dance… which was 15 minutes barely!

Sunday was Drum Head Service, which went a lot quicker than I remembered it. It was cold that morning so I was freezing… I was also starting to feel anemic… which isn’t good. After the service I took my sister out to lunch and went home for a little bit. It was very relaxing!
Monday was pretty boring….

Yesterday was a bad day…. I was sick in the morning, feeling very cold and exhausted because of my anemia. Well CI Boose sent me back to base to rest, so I slept most of the day…. After dinner was a sunset practice, then after that I was supposed to have barracks duty but Casy covered for me because the School of Music went out for our “end of summer dinner”. Just before we left though I got a nosebleed and add that on top of already feeling dizzy and sick because of my anemia and I nearly fainted a few times while getting ready. But the dinner went ok otherwise. We got back at like 11 and I went and took over for Casy.

This morning I was supposed to play for the company parades but I fainted this morning while getting ready. All I remember the trying to do my hair then I was on the ground with people calling my name and holding my head up. So I went to the MIR and they put me on bed rest but they let me come back to my barracks and take care of myself.

I just finished watching “Across the Universe” which is the most amazing movie ever! Wall maybe not ever, but it’s really good.

On another note…. I go home in 3 days! I’m sad I have to leave, but happy at the same time. Can’t wait to sleep in and have internet again…. But will miss everyone very much….

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