Saturday, August 16, 2008

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – August 5th

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Missed a few days… again… sorry! I’m bad at writing a lot when I am at camp… but it’s better than not writing at all!

Sunday was pretty boring… we had a parade in Armstrong which was short but still rather boring and annoying. After the parade I went and got my hair cut and went to my massage appointment. My hair turned out great! I love it! It’s not too short, it’s still past my shoulders, but it’s layered and looks really nice. My massage was heavenly! I was so relaxed after it was done.

I went back to base after the massage, but went back into town with McIssac and Chisholm for a little while after dinner. We pretty much just chilled for a while.

Monday was boring, be pretty much didn’t do much of anything all day. The morning we had to be at H10 but there were no course cadets so we just chilled till lunch. Well that’s not true, the CL cadets were there for like… 45 minutes but they just did mini band stuff and the school of music staff still didn’t really do anything. I spent the morning reading “Breaking Dawn”, which is totally amazing by the way!

Monday afternoon was equally as boring, we just did intake interviews because the new basics were here finally.

Today was ok; P&D staff had the morning off so we all slept in (w00t)! After lunch, it was just the CLI’s up at H10 so we just worked on the medley and went to war against CI Bone. It was hilarious. I also was reading “Breaking Dawn” lots today…. I cried twice while I was at H10 because I got to some really sad and touching parts… *cries*

I finished “Breaking Dawn” just before dinner…. IT WAS AMAZING! The ending was perfect, absolutely amazing! Now Woods is borrowing it from me so she can read it.

I pick up my Mess Dress tomorrow after dinner! I’m pretty excited! Also McIssac has figured out he is going to ask me to mess… and all I know is that it is apparently really cute. That’s all Byers will tell me, and that’s all I really want to know… I love suprises!

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