Saturday, August 16, 2008

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 28th

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Wow a lot has changed since Saturday! I went from having a boyfriend (with a few glitches) and a mess date to not having either to having a mess date again…. He’s not a boyfriend because we’re going as friends but that’s ok, he’s a cool guy.

So here’s the low down on the past two days…

Saturday I went to talk to Brandon… It didn’t go well and we broke up. So because of that I didn’t sleep well Saturday and had a bad-ish day on Sunday. I say bad-ish because it wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t that great either. I went to breakfast at Casy’s house with the Pipe Major, Dez, Christy and some others but I didn’t eat much and was in a bit of a bad mood. After breakfast we went to Davidson’s Orchards’, just Des, Christy, Casy and Me (and Casy’s mom of course!). After that we picked up some people from base and we went dress shopping! I picked out a great dress; its dark blue (midnight blue) with a white (Ivory) sash that goes across my waist and ties at the back… so I guess it’s more like a belt. Wither way I love it and it looks pretty good on me… or I think so… that others say it looks great too.

After that it was muster parade, and that went well. My mallets went to Seattle with Chris Boose, my instructor, by accident so I had to borrow an intermediate player’s mallets… that sucked because they didn’t fit my hands well and it was hard to swing but I managed. ECHO STAFF’s skit was amazing! So hilarious but that’s because they had Carpino to help and be in it. It was like a crocodile hunter theme but Carpino was “observing” the different courses on base. So hilarious, I loved it. GUARD’S skit was lame and made bad jokes at CSM Koute…. So yea, it was a really lame skit.

After the muster parade, P/M Uren had his formal asking for mess… asking WO Bushe. It was cute… he got the whole senior pipe band to march all around base herding people before he asked her. I can’t wait for my formal asking though I don’t think it will be that special.

Saturday night went well… we just went out for a little pizza… just Dez, Christy, Alex, Casy and me. That was the end of that. Well there was drama in the barracks but just really stupid drama that I didn’t pay much attention too… something about lesbians and jealousy and which bunks people slept in… not sure if it was all related but whatever…. It didn’t concern me so I stayed out of it.

Today was pretty good… was an average day up at H10 except Brandon refused to talk to me… but that was ok, I’d rather him not, As long as he stays professional. Mid morning I had to go help a GUARD class with a drill lesson… it was “March with a mechanical Aid” and apparently I’m a mechanical aid… well my drum is anyway. So I taught them about the cadence for a drum and how a metronome works… I also taught them a little about the different types of marching, like Highland and slow march and what there tempo was for each. After that I joined the rest of the band for drill until lunch. After lunch Hodge asked me if I wanted to go to mess with him as a friend… I said maybe and that I would answer him after dinner or later this evening….

After dinner Dez, Alex, Casy, Christy and I (I will refer to them as “the girls” for now on… to many names to repeat over and over…) went for a “rant session” over ice cream in Polson park… seems most of us had been having a really rough week… in different ways but none the less stressful and emotional.

After our rant session we did a little shopping… I bought hair dye to streak my hair, which I just finished doing… it turned out ok… not the greatest but it’s not horrible… it’s a pretty decent job acutely… Anyway so yea after that we pretty much just came back to base and chilled… that’s when I went over to the make barracks to ask McIssac a question…

I asked him if he wanted to go to mess with me as a friend and he said yes so that’s pretty sweet. I told Hodge I wouldn’t go with him… he’s a little sad but that’s ok… we’re just friends anyway. McIssac and I have been good friends for a while so we will have a fun time. Yu was hinting at us hooking up but I don’t know if we would or will… I doubt it… though he does only live and hour and a half away from me and we will probably be going to the same university in Kamloops… He starts at TRU this fall… I start possibly next fall…. Sweet huh?

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