Saturday, August 16, 2008

VACSTC STAFF 2008 – July 25th

Saturday, August 16, 2008
MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s Christmas in July!

Barracks duty went well, and I actually got things straightened out with Brandon. So it’s been a much better day. I had the morning off until ten so that was nice. I took my laundry, made my bed and just chilled. It was a nice break from yesterday’s drama.

It was really hot today though, so I was like dying…. I also still am having stomach aches from eating too much and trying to make my stomach stretch from not eating much in MIR…

After dinner was entertaining… Cassy had one of her episodes but this time she had a sore throat so she was choking… so we took a nice little trip to the hospital. I escorted her so I got to skip out of the RSM parade…

The hospital was fine and dandy… we weren’t there to long, just a few hours. At least we didn’t have to wait in line, she went right in. I wasn’t too worried because she had only choked for a few minutes then stopped but was still unconscious until just before the ambulance arrived. So she was awake when we got to the hospital. After like half an hour I could go see her in the ER and she was doing good… mostly pissed because she hates hospitals and the guy who put her IV in was not gentle about it. So we talked and joked for a while…. Waited for her blood test to get done; then she was released so we went back to base…

We had missed dinner so I ran to Jim’s Pizza and got us pizza & pop.

Then Cassy, Brandon and me chilled at Coutts Common until the staff meeting then it was just me and Brandon for a while.. Now I am here!

So yea… a much, much, much better day!

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