Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally some time...

Sunday, October 26, 2008
So I just got back from my cadet weekend exercize... well I got back like at 1230 but i fell asleep.

We did lots this weekend, it was really fun. Saturday during the day we did repelling off the new tower on base as well as I taught classes on concealment and camo application. That was to get ready for saturday night.

Kelowna core was also on base and they were doing map and compass training all day. That night they were doing a compass course. Out task was to "stalk" them. They had no idea we were going out so it proved to be very funny when we told them we had been watching them all night! We were pretty good at hiding and moving undetected. None of our teams were caught by the kelowna team, but we got caught once each by on of our officers, whom we were also running from.

My team scared one of the officers near the end. 2 team members had gone ahead to scout out an area while the rest of us hid near a fence beside the tunnel. We waited there and lots of people passed us without even seeing us. One group, well half of one, was lost and waiting near us. an officer was helping them look for there team mates, so when our scouts came out of the tunnel and they got caught like 2 feet away from us hiding, the officer asked where the rest of there them was. The said they had no idea and thats when I sat up and said "We're right here mam!". I swear she jumped like 2 feet in the air. It was so funny.

During the night I hurt my knee quite bad. I was running and my knee locked when i hit a hole in the ground. It still really hurts and its really stiff. I've been icing it on and off and its getting better but still hurts....

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