Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being sick sucks...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
An edit of mine - Flower girl and Ring Boy from my cousins wedding!
So cute!

Being sick is lame, which is why I am more than happy to be feeling well enough to go to school tomorrow. I am running out of movies to watch, and playing Sims 2 all day is getting boring. I've even caught up on all my homework, which I usually leave till the last minute when I'm sick.
I still have a sore throat and a really stuffy/runny nose, but I'm hoping it will be gone by tomorrow morning. If not - I'll just deal with it.
I can't wait to go back to classes - strange isn't it?
I just love my classes! I have to do a test in each of them when I go back, but that's cool. I'm only worried about the one in psychology - its on the structure and function of the Nervous System - which I missed a lot of classes on so I really suck. I'm sure I'll pass though.
History - well that's easy - its just a test on the league of nations and the weinmar republic. I've been getting top marks in that class, and I totally understand the subject matter of the test, so that's an easy one.
Tests aside, I still can't wait. Life sitting at home sick is BORING!

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