Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend FTX

Monday, September 22, 2008
It was a pretty kick ass exercize. I wasn't on the island, but I have gone like 4 times so I wasn't all that upset; infact I was happy because it was just Wo. Rowe, Chief Wo. Wangler and myself as staff on the mainland - us and Capt. Steck and Capt. Wangler (Chiefs Mother). So we had loads of fun. The cadets on the mainland were a few MCpl's and everyone under. Most worked hard, and it turns out that we had a better base camp than those on the island. It's funny because those on the island were supposed to be doing "advanced" training while those on the mainland did the basics, but it ended up partially the other way because those on the island didn't know much of the basics and 3 people on the mainland had gone to Whitehorse adventure camp for the summer, so they knew lots and helped the younger cadets learn lots.

As a Wo. I pretty much mainly suprivised and kept them busy so they weren't sitting around doing nothing for a long time. I taught them how to use a bow saw and an Axe, while Rowe taught them how to use a Shovel and Rake. The chief taught lighting a stove and lantern. It was pretty cool.

Our base camp had alot of sweet stuff. The cadets made: a table out of logs, positioned between 3 trees; 2 tripods for holding lanterns in the air; theirs houches - with trenches to keep out the rain; a shack/shelter for the fire wood to keep it dry; covers and shelters for the PLO point and tool area; and they made the fire pit - including digging the whole and laying the rocks in the middle.

On sunday I was feeling really sick - sore throut and a headache - on the way back and I knew I was getting sick. Sunday night, about 7 pm, after sleeping a little, I woke with a killer migraine and had to stumble down stairs to find my dad to give me some medicine for it. I don't know what exactly he gave me, but I took like 4 pills and within 20 minutes I was passed out cold.

I woke up this morning to my mom asking if I was going to school. I still felt like shit so said no.
Here it is 1120 and i still feel like shit - so chances are i wont be going tomorrow either....

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