Monday, November 17, 2008

♥ BSB Tomorrow ♥

Monday, November 17, 2008
So yea - I'm pretty exceited. Today I went to Casy's house and we decorated out matching vests with Fabric paint and gems. We also got some stuff ready for DoE.

So on Friday Twilight comes out - I'm so going to watch it - its gonna be a blast! Also seeing if my friend Matt can come to Vernon to watch it with me and Casy (if I can get her to go - she likes twilight, but not the movie idea) at a later date - whenever he can get a ride from Kamloops. Havn't seen him since camp so it would be pretty cool.

Oh and I started my new classes on Friday - after taking my History exam on thursday. The exam went well though i wont know my mark for a few weeks. My new classes are Geography and Cafeteria - though I didn't go to cafe on friday. Instead I went out with Lindsay who is in town from Edmonton for the week - she's spending the night in tuesday so I'll get to see her then too!

I just noticed that with me all busy and that fun stuff - I havn't even mentioned that Matsudo High School came a few weeks ago. Was lots of fun - will post pictures another day though as it is getting late and I need sleep for my exciting day tomorrow!

I should be updating my blog alot more now that exams are finished.

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