Wednesday, May 12, 2010

few things...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First things first, I'm going back to Vernon at the end of the week.


Well, for one, I can't afford rent here seeing as Walmart is F**king me for hours

(seriously, who can live on 4 hours a week at that wage?)

And, I'll be a CI on base by the looks of it, teaching tenor, so once I got booted here I figured there isn't much point trying to rush and find a new place here in Kamloops for like, a month?

And, even if I don't get the job on base, staying with my parents is free, even if it IS annoying (more so because of my sister, not because of my parents, and the fact that I'll be sleeping in the living room, joy!... NOT)

Second thing, I totally found my summer song:

It's so upbeat, makes me happy, and wanna dance!

Everything one would ask for in a "Summer Song"

Anyway, I gotta get up at a decent time tomorrow (today?) so I better go to bed...

next post will prob come from vernon, not sure how much I'll post, especially once I'm on base (as my laptop is de-mobalized due to a broken screen), but i'll try to post as much as possible, pce!

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