Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spirit Bound & other Nonsense

Sunday, May 23, 2010
I'm offically moved back to Vernon for the summer, though havn't gotten to hang out with many people yet. Mainly just Jake, and Callum, whom I went longboarding with, and destroyed my foot. Well, its not destroyed, but w/e.

Otherwise, nothing has really happened. Paperwork for getting my job on base, and a lot of sitting around, and reading. LOTS of reading.

Spirit Bound came out a few days ago (the 18th) and though I'm not able to purchase the acctual book yet, I got an online copy. I still want the real book, it was so f**king epic!

Rose, Lissa, ect all graduated, Rose with flying colors obviously. They broke into a prison, and got Victor outta there. After getting the info they needed, they LOST him... Dimitri was brought back, but he was all "I don't deserve you Rose, gtfo" and then after making a few comments that are very Rose-like to the Queen, the Queen happened to get murdered leaving Rose and the prime suspect... and then the book just ends, with her getting hauled away and her dad saying that she isnt going to prison but that "they execute traitors."
that is LITERATLY the last line! WTF right? I know!!

Soo there are lots of insane theories running around about who did what, ect ect. I honestly can't figure some of it out. I know some who are deffinetly involved, but as I'm re-reading the series I'm noticing lots of things that I didn't before so I'll probably end up changing my theory a hundred times over before December, and Last Sacrifice.

In the meantime, I wanna go to the library after the long weekend and see if they have the Succubus series by Richelle Mead as I wanna read that as well (I've heard good things about it, and I believe it, her writing is amazing).

A friend from TRU might come visit me next week sometime. Hes a cool guy, shares a lot of my interests about world cultures, and photography with me. We've met on and off since the international festival, and he's also a friend of Maaya (another good friend of mine) so we've been chatting on and off since her birthday party a few weeks ago. He loves Vernon cus it has Vietnames and Indonesian food, where as kamloops dosn't, saddly.

Anyway, back to reading.

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